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Fire Trolls in Aquaman v7 #38.

Fire Trolls are creatures that feature in DC Comics.




Fire Trolls in Aquaman v1 #1.

The underwater tribe known as the Lurkers faced constant predation from these monsters who knew them as 'rock creatures'. Typically, they would kidnap the female members of the tribe but to prevent reprisal from the creatures the Lurkers would allow them to take a few of their people for what they thought as the greater good. (Aquaman v5 #52)

During his first meeting with Mera, Aquaman and Aqualad both encountered the Fire Trolls where the Water Sprite Quisp was responsible for defeating the first wave. However, one of the Trolls managed to kidnap Mera with Aquaman managing to free her with the aid of the humpback whale Pakuul who pushed the creature into a group of toxic barrels underwater. (Aquaman v5 #52)

When Aquaman met Noble, his former wife Mera was kidnapped by the Fire Trolls. This led to Orin convincing Noble to put aside his fears of the legends concerning the rock creatures and seek to free Mera where they were confronted by the Lava Lord. (Aquaman v5 #52) In a battle with the two heroes, Lava Lord was defeated leading to the Fire Trolls stopping the attack after losing their leader with Aquaman commanding them to never attack the Lurkers again otherwise they would face his wrath. (Aquaman v5 #53)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, an alternate version of history was created as a part of a newly created timeline. During ancient times, the Fire Trolls followed the will of the fire elemental known as Karaqu. Long ago, the Atlanteans battled Karaqu when the Maelstrom was part of the world where they reared the avatar-beast Karaqan to battle the fire elemental. The Karaqan succeeded in defeating Karaku and the loss of him allowed the Fire Trolls to fall before the Atlanteans. (Aquaman v7 #40)

After the formation of the new Justice League of America, Lobo was dispatched by the team to deal with a Fire Troll incursion on the surface that was attacking the sea life. (Justice League of America v5 #1)


They were able to vomit out a stream of molten rock. (Aquaman v5 #52)

It was said that they were too powerful to cower long from their enemies. (Aquaman v5 #53) One rite among their kind was the Blood-Feast ritual that required the consumption of captives. (Aquaman v5 #52)


  • Lava Lord : once an ordinary Fire Troll who confronted Aquaman in an early adventure where he intended to consume Mera but was defeated by being pushed into a group of toxic underwater chemicals. He was not killed but instead transformed into a much more powerful form where he became known as Lava Lord who was the most powerful of his kind. Lava Lord would later be responsible for kidnapping Mera once again drawing the attention of Aquaman and Noble. (Aquaman v5 #52)


  • The Fire Trolls were created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy where they made their first appearance in Aquaman v1 #1 (February 1962).

In other media


  • In Justice League Unlimited, creatures that resembled Fire Trolls appeared in the episode "Ultimatum" though are not named. It was claimed that they were creatures that dwelled in the planet's core and their existence was disturbed when a oil drilling platform near the Bermuda Triangle breached their home. This led to the Fire Trolls going to the surface and swarming the platform leading to a confrontation with the Justice League but were only defeated when the Ultimen arrived at the scene where Wind Dragon used his powers to freeze them.


  • Aquaman: v5

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