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Firefly was a villain that featured in The Batman.




Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


After stealing a material known as Phosphorous, Firefly intended to use the power source to enhance his suit but accidently damaged it causing an explosion. Part of the radiation from the isotope was absorbed into Garfield's body and he began to glow as well as generate heat making him feel hot even when the airconditioning was on in his car in winter. After taking a walk, he was almost hit by a car and angrily slammed the hood of it thus burning through it thus making aware of his new powers. He tried to steal some money from an ATM machine by burning through it but as he held the cash in his hands, it simply burnt. He came into conflict with Batman and his sidekicks where Firefly was hit by frost pellets thus freezing him. Garfield then entered into a transformation as he let loose his energy where he became a fiery stone shaped being capable of generating intense heat. His personality began to become unstable and after his new girlfriend attempted to leave him, he decided to blow up Gotham by entering a nuclear reactor but was defeated when Batman sent liquid nitrogen to cool him out and send him unconscious. He was then transfered to Arkham Asylum where he was held in a secure section while a cure was being sought.

Taking on the name Phosphorous, Firefly had the power of controlling intense heat. Sending this either as wave that in low intensity burnt through objects or generating fireballs in his arms or firing a pillar of flames down an entire alleyway. His heat generating abilities were strong enough to burnt water impacting him, melt ice or burn through nanopolymer designed to resist high temperatures. He was easily capable of melting Batman's lead suit and firing powerful heat blasts capable of punching large holes in buildings. The problem with this was that he was incapable of touching anyone or anything as it burnt in his eyes. Furthermore, the radiation would eventually cause him to meltdown and burn into the ground while blowing up the whole of Gotham.

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