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The Foreshadow is a spacecraft that features in Lexx.



Foreshadow was a planet-killing starship that was used to destroy heretic worlds. One of the weapons' most notable cases of deployment was the destruction of Kai's homeworld of Brunnis-2.


It appeared to be a massive, webbed structure with huge "branches" where ephemeral energy waves are formed through some kind of wave-guide. These waves are several kilometers in diameter to begin with, however as they are launched over time they expand to many times their original diameter to cover a much larger area. Although the Foreshadow itself outclasses the Lexx, there doesn't seem to be a visible power core for it, even though weapon itself outputs the approximate energy equivalent of a sun generated for the equivalent amount of time that it is firing. The Foreshadow had one "control pod" containing all bridge and command personnel, including His Divine Shadow himself. Also, along the ventral surface of the weapon array, there seems to be various weapons emplacements for intercepting small-craft fire, and the "bullets" are miniature versions of the larger wave.

The technology behind the Foreshadow was very advanced, however, unlike the Lexx which was specialized for a more strategic role with more effort into destructive force, the Foreshadow was significantly less advanced in a certain way. This is certainly attributed to the infant stages of the Foreshadow compared to the other notable flagships of His Divine Shadow.



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