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Fox, during her time with the Pack.

Fox (1966 - ?) was born Janine Renard, the daughter of Halcyon Renard and Anastasia. At some unknown point Janine became estranged from her father, and became involved with the industrialist David Xanatos. She legally changed her name to "Fox," becoming a master of martial arts and the leader of the Pack, star of the The Pack television series.

When her teammates grew bored with just being stars, Fox led them in a hunt for the gargoyles Goliath and Lexington. During the course of the hunt, Fox took a woman hostage to keep Goliath at bay, but was beaten by Lexington, arrested and incarcerated at Riker's Island. While in prison, she still managed to send orders to Jackal and Hyena via Xanatos. Jackal and Hyena were later apprehended and Hyena became Fox's cellmate.

Later on, Xanatos sent Coyote and Dingo to bust the Pack out, but rather than escape, Fox chose to "serve her time" and help an injured guard. As a reward for these actions, Fox received an early parole, which was what Xanatos had intended all along.

Xanatos later proposed to Fox, giving her the Eye of Odin as an engagement gift. Unfortunatly the Eye transformed her into the Were-Fox, and after a few failed attempts, Xanatos had to ally with Goliath to bring her down and save her life. Shortly after, Xanatos and Fox were married, and Fox became pregnant, which she revealed to her father after a failed attempt to take over Cyberbiotics.

Fox later took part in developing the Matrix with Anastasia, and planned to use it to re-shape the planet to suit her and David. However, the Matrix turned against it's creators, and Dingo and the Avalon travelers had to stop it.

Later on, Fox gave birth to her and Xanatos's son Alexander Fox Xanatos, but that night Anastasia revealed her true identity as Titania and Oberon tried to take the child to Avalon as his law dictated. In the ensuing battle, Fox was able to tap her own latent powers but was unable to do it twice. But Goliath and Owen (now revealed as Puck) managed to convince Oberon to allow the child to stay.

After the Hunter's Moon, the Manhattan Clan moved back to the castle. Fox is now trying to start over with the clan, particularly Lexington, who long held a grudge against her and the Pack.

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