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Alexander Fox Xanatos was the son of David and Fox Xanatos. Soon after he was born, he was nearly kidnapped by Oberon for Titania, but an agreement was reached where Puck, who wished to stay in the world outside Avalon, would become the boy's protector and teacher. Since then, Puck, mostly in his guise of Owen Burnett, has done his assigned duty.

In one lesson, Puck taught Alexander how to exchange souls into different bodies, possessing Lexington in the process and using his ability to speak to cast the spells. Possibly as a result of this, a bond grew between Alexander and Lexington after the gargoyle moved back to Castle Wyvern.

Future Tense

Alexander Fox in cyberspace.

In the "Future Tense" dream world, Alexander Xanatos grew up to become Alexander Fox. Disgusted by his apparent father's actions, he dropped his surname of Xanatos, and became a secret member of the resistance, under the codename "Fox."

Alexander Fox engaged his "father" in cyberspace, and sent the images of their battle to resistance headquarters. However, not only did "Xanatos" kill his son, citing that since he was immortal, he had no need for an heir, he used Alexander's link to locate the resistance headquarters.

Alexander Fox was apparently a normal human, but with formidable combat skills. At least in his battle with his "father," he wore a golden battlesuit with flight capability, the ability to transmit audiovisual images, and the ability to fire energy blasts.

The Goliath Chronicles

Alex was kidnapped by Pat Doyle, who planned to "rescue" the baby and make himself a hero, ensuring a landslide victory. However, Alex was saved instead by the Manhattan Clan.

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