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Fractured Humans are a species that feature in Jagaaaaaan.



Fractured Humans were human beings that were mutated by infection from the Frenzied Frogs which were also known as Mad Xenopaths.


Their change occurred when the frog-like creatures made a human being their host where they dwelled inside them whilst they grew. The frogs could sense humans that had strong desires and sought them out in order to infect them. Once inside a human, they fused with the body by making contact with the skin and took sustenance from their suppressed desires thus becoming a Fractured Human. In this state, they lost all sense of self and transformed into a creature that resembled the image of their innermost desires and imagination with them ceasing to be human. Normally, the transformation into a Fractured Human occurred within seconds from the time of infection by the Frenzied Frogs as the hosts desires run wild. However, in some cases, the creature could not be mature and be a tadpole leading to a much slower rate of transformation. In this state, the host could experience early symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, hallucinations etc. If left alone, the tadpole eventually became a Frenzied Frog thus eventually leading to a permanent transformation of the host into a Fractured Human. A way of avoiding this transformation was by the host consuming duhnng-ball that was crushed into a powder that was absorbed through the membrane. The effects were only temporary with the transformation was stopped for a time. Every time the host used their abilities then it hastened the transformation into a Fractured Human.


  • Shintaro Jagasaki :
  • Yuriko Ishizaka : the 27 year old girlfriend of Shintaro Jagasaki who had been involved with him for 4 years where she had secretly wanted to be married and had children with him but he put it off for work. She got infected by a Frenzied Frog whereupon her repressed feelings transformed her into Hiscorpion with her boyfriend having to kill her with his ability as she attacked him.
  • Reina Ikegami :
  • Chiharu Matsuyamachi :
  • Motomu Robahata :
  • Misogi Hakuto :
  • Taro Kida :
  • Moroha Imashika :
  • Oruto Aruko :
  • Yuma Kujou :


  • Fractured Humans were created by Kaneshiro Muneyuki where they featured in the setting of Jagaaaaaan.


  • Jagaaaaaan:

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