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Frank Kelly was the sheriff of Kingston Falls. Billy Peltzer came to to him for help regarding the gremlins, but despite being shown Gizmo neither Kelly nor his deputy, Brent Frye, believed Billy's story. While driving out to respond to an emergency at the Futterman residence involving a snowplow, Kelly and Frye were presumably killed after a gremlin cut the brakes on their police cruiser, causing them to get into an accident.


  • It is not known whether he survived the accident. However, one of the Gremlins is seen wearing his sheriff's hat. In George Gipe's novelization, the crash doesn't occur, and both he and Brent survive the Gremlin attack.
  • He's listed in the credits of the film as simply "Sheriff Frank." His surname, Kelly, is however visible on his name tag. In the novelization, his surname is Reilly.
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