Victor Frankenstein (Van Helsing)

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Dr. Victor Frankenstein was a young scientist from the town of Goldstadf who discovered the secret of bringing life to the dead. His radical theories earned him the scorn of most everyone in Goldstadf, including his fiancee Elizabeth. His work caught the attention of a mysterious man named Count Vladislaus Dracula, who invited Victor and his assistant Igor to Transylvania, giving him his own castle and equipping his laboratory so he could continue his experiments in giving reanimating the dead. Victor agreed and spent the next few years creating a human body from the corpses of seven men.

The end result of his experiments was the creature which would become the Frankenstein monster. The night he brought the monster to life was the night that the local villagers, angry that Victor and Igor had been robbing graves, stormed Castle Frankenstein. It was during the siege that Victor learned that not only was Dracula a vampire, but that he needed the monster for some sinister purpose. Refusing to let Dracula take his creation away from him, Victor tried to fight the vampire with a sword. Ultimately, he failed and was killed. His body was carried away by the grief-stricken monster.

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