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The Fury was a weapon that featured in the game Battlezone.


The Fury was created as the ultimate weapon by the Cthonian group know as the Hadean Crown in their war against the Olympian Council. It was constructed and designed at Nexus V through the use of a new strain of Bio-metal based on the war-like nature of Humankind. The experiment was ultimately a failure as the aggressive nature of the sentient Furies proved to be an uncontrollable weapon which forced the Cthonians to destroy their planet. This resulted in the extinction of the Furies as they attempted to get rid of the Furies.

However, this was not the end of the Furies as thousands of years later, the race were resurrected when Cthonian relics fell into the hands of the ISDF and the CCA. After Wilhelm Arkin betrayed the ISDF, he took these relics with him thus allowing the CCA to manufacture a new breed of Furies. But like what befall the Cthonians, these new Furies were uncontrollable and began to indescriminately killing both ISDF and CCA forces where they revelled in the pain and destruction they caused.

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