Fyodor Nikolai Kerensky

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Prof. Kerensky.

Professor Fyodor Nikolai Kerensky was a scientist and an expert in time travel employed by Count Carlos Scarlioni. The Count funded his experiments by selling rare artifacts on the black market.

Kerensky had been hired to design and build a functioning time machine that would allow someone or something to progress forward or backward in time if they stepped into a field at its epicenter. However Kerensky had difficulties making it work. People and objects inside of the time field could move forward or backward in time within it, but couldn't leave it because Kerensky couldn't control the field's acceleration. He could cause an egg to hatch and grow into a fully grown chicken, but was unable to stop it once it reached adulthood; it would just rapidly die of old age and turn into a skeleton.

Despite multiple tries, Kerensky couldn't make it work. However when the Count captured Romana and Detective Duggan, he realized Romana was a Time Lord. He knew she could use her superior knowledge to make the time machine work properly where Kerensky had failed. Not needing him anymore, the Count tricked Kerensky into stepping inside of the machine and activated it. Trapped in the field, the unfortunate scientist rapidly aged into an old man, died and finally crumbled to a skeleton.

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