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GRELs are a human derived species that feature in Heavy Gear.



Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaire (GREL) were vat born soldiers that were genetically engineered to serve as ground soldiers in wars for Humanity. They were created by the Colonial Expeditionary Force and were visibly different compared to their Human creators.


GRELs possessed a unique mind as they contained innate traits embedded in their minds upon their development which means that there are certain types of GREL grown for various operations. Each GREL then recieves extensive training on their field specilization which is tied to their genotype special trait. This results in GRELs feeling a great deal of satisfaction on the completion of their work.

GRELs are produced in mass and serve as effective biological fighting machines that obey orders without question. They hghlight the CEF concept of an aggressive unit of immediately actng units that go straight towards combat to kill their enemies. This resulted in the CEF replacing many of their trooper regiments with GRELs.

These biologically produced creations are noted to react differently compared to Humans in stressful combat situations by either hiding from the enemy or fighting; thus lacking the Human concept of fleeing the battle. When not recieving any orders and facing unknown situations, they typically rely on their training making them act quicker and more effectively than Humans. This means that they can act unpredictably in situations they have never encountered before. This makes life outside the military somewhat difficult for them resulting in poor social skills.

This makes them the main asset of the CEF as supersoldiers that are cloned and genetically modified for their tasks but they lack in leadership qualities. Furthermore, their appearance highlights the fact that they are not Human and has resulted in them not bein considered land owners on Earth. After their failure in conquering Terra Nova, the GREL program came under much criticism and a shift came into the SLEDGE program seemed necessary.

There were various types of GRELs that included:

  • Mordred class - tremendous sense of willpower.
  • Isaac class - tremendous attention to detail making them good maintenance personnel.
  • Morgana class
  • Isabella class - serve as combat medics.


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