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The Garden of Stygia is a location that features in the Clash of the Titans 2010 remake.



The Garden of Stygia was a place within the mortal world that held an ancient history that was traced all the way back to the Titanomachy. During that time, the mighty Titans did battle against the Olympian gods with Zeus leading his brethren against their parents in an epic struggle. In order to attain victory, Zeus commanded his brother Hades to create a beast that was so powerful that it would win the war. Thus, Hades tore a piece of himself which manifested into a powerful creature that became known as the Kraken. Its power was so great that it managed to defeat the Titans with the great fight being at the site of the region that would become known as the Garden of Stygia. In the aftermath, the lands became barren and wore the scars of that ancient battle as the defeated Titans were sent into Tartarus to be imprisoned for all of time. At some unknown point, it became the residence of the trio of demonic beings known as the Stygian Witches who told the future and the hidden secrets of the world.

In the age of man, faith in the Olympian gods waivered which angered Zeus who asked his brother Hades to bring fear to them. He in turn asked for the the Kraken to be unleashed to its terror could be visited on the city of Argos where Cassopeia claiemd that her daughter Andromeda's beauty was greater then Aphrodite herself. Hades decided to punish the inhabitants of the city by sending the Kraken and said that only the sacrifice of Andromeda would sate the gods anger. In desperation, a band of heroes led by captain of the guard Draco along with the demigod Perseus assembled in order to find a means to defeat the Kraken and Hades. The knowledge for this was only available to the Stygian Witches and thus they travelled to the Garden of Stygia to meet with them. On their journey, they were attacked by the deformed Calibos where Perseus was badly wounded but later healed by the actions of the Djinn who took the heroes ontop giant scorpioniads to the Garden of Stygia.

Once there, the heroes managed to coerce the witches into seeing through their lone eye and find the knowledge they needed. They told Perseus that he would need to travel down the River Styx into the lair of Medusa the Gorgon as her powers could turn the Kraken to stone. Upon learning this, the band departed the ruined lands of the Garden in order to complete their quest.


This barren dark land was the result of the ancient war between the Titans and the Olympian gods leaving nothing behind but ash as well as lava. Its only inhabitants were the three hideous Stygian Witches who preyed on those that came to them.


  • Clash of the Titans: (2010)

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