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Gargoyle is the name of two characters in the Marvel Universe.


Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov)

A Soviet scientist whose body was hideously scarred by radiation, but whose intellect greatly expanded. He became prominent in both scientific and intelligence circles in the Soviet Union, and was the spymaster who dispatched Igor Starsky to learn the secrets of the gamma bomb. At some point, he also had a child, the Gremlin.

Through Starsky, the Gargoyle learned about the Hulk, and captured him in the hopes of creating an army of Hulks. Once the Hulk turned back to Bruce Banner, however, he and the Gargoyle collaborated to restore the Gargoyle's human form. Grateful, the Topolov helped Banner escape to the United States, before gaining revenge on his superiors by killing them and himself in an explosion.


Due to the Marvel Universe's sliding timescale, it's unlikely that the Gargoyle was a Soviet in current canon.

Gargoyle (Isaac Christians)

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