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Garth as Tempest in Aquaman v5 #49.

Garth is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




Aqualad in Aquaman v1 #1.

Garth was a male Atlantean who was the son of King Thar and Queen Berra with the pair ruling the peace-loving Idylists that lived in the Hidden Valley. For centuries, the people had lived a life of peace and had rejected any concept of violence. However, Thar was mad and he sought to expand the kingdom through war with him creating an arsenal of weapons for the task. This was an anathema to the Idylists who at the height of King Thar's insanity decided to stop him with him being murdered as a result. Queen Brera by this point was pregnant with her husband's child and begged to be spared with the Idylists having no intention to hurt her. Instead, they decided to banish her from the Hidden Valley with this exile being done so for her own safety. She later gave birth to Garth who was born with the rare hereditary purple eyes to some of their offspring. (Adventure Comics v1 #455) Due to his hereditary nature, it was deemed that the child could not survive underneath the waters and thus he was sent to live on the surface. (Adventure Comics v1 #269)



Tempest, his wife Dolphin and son Cerdian in Titans v1 #47.


Following the Flashpoint, a new history of events were created as a result of the altered timeline.

Whilst serving in the Silent School, he fell under the training of Magister Loke which was where Garth met a fellow student Syra with the two falling in love. The pair were prized students with Loke pushing them to master the forbidden magical arts. Garth lost control of his spells leading to the death of Syra with this tormenting him to the point that he abandoned working at the Silent School. (Aquaman v8 #29)

He was on the hunt for a number of black market smugglers that had killed an Atlantean and were selling his organs with Garth arriving on the scene to kill them. Despite the presence of Dick Grayson, the Spyral agent was unable to stop Garth from massacring the criminals after which he went back to the ocean. (Titans Hunt v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

He possessed distinctive purple eyes that indicated his heritage among the people of Atlantis. Such children were considered a hereditary throwback to the Atlanteans human ancestors with such offspring deemed incapable of surviving under the ocean. (Adventure Comics v1 #269)

Garth was the son of King Thar and Queen Brera who were the rulers of the Hidden Valley. He was not fully aware of his parents as his father was killed due to his mad plans to conquer the world. (Adventure Comics v1 #455)

Powers and abilities

Utilizing mystical powers in Tempest v1 #4.

Similar to other Atlanteans, he had telepathic powers allowing him to converse with others by understanding and speaking any language. (Adventure Comics v1 #269)


  • Garth as Aqualad was created by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon where he made his first appearance in Adventure Comics v1 #269 (February 1960).
  • The character later debuted as Tempest by Phil Jimenez where he made his appearance in this role in Tempest v1 #2 (December 1996).

In other media


  • In Teen Titans, the character made an appearance in the animated series where he first appeared in the episode "Deep Six" where he was voiced by actor Wil Wheaton.
  • In Young Justice, Garth made an appearance in the animated series in the episode "Downtime" where he was voiced by actor Yuri Lowenthal.
  • In Titans, Garth appeared in the live-action television series where he was shown in flashbacks in season 2 and was portrayed by actor Drew Van Acker. He was shown as an Atlantean with hydrokinetic abilities where he came to join the young sidekicks of other superheroes such as Robin and Wonder Girl. During this time, he fell in love with Donna Troy but did not confess his feelings for her at the time. By the time they were adults, the three worked as superheroes where he operated as Aqualad and they were part of the Titans. In that time, he came to confess his feelings for Donna but was later killed by the assassin Deathstroke.


  • In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the character made a cameo non-voiced role in the alternate reality accidently caused by the Flash. On this world, Earth was ravaged by a devastating war between the Amazons and Atlanteans. In this Earth, Garth was shown as being a soldier in Emperor Aquamans army with him and Kaldur'rahm participating in murdering the crew of Deathstroke's ship. He was incapacitated by Deathstroke and nearly killed by him until Black Manta intervened where he defeated Slade who along with Lex Luthor were killed by Aquaman.

Video games

  • In Young Justice: Legacy, Garth appeared in the video game as a playable character with actor Yuri Lowenthal reprising the role. He later grieved for the death of Tula after she sacrificed herself to stop Tiamat from unleashing chaos upon the world.


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