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Gearhead is a supervillain from The Batman DC Comics cartoon series.




Personality and attributes

Nathan Finch was described as a thrill seeker who sought to best his opponents in a race through the use of his enhanced vehicle. Though he was interested in stealing money and other priceless works, his main concern was the thrill of the chase. He was perfectly able to ditch his riches in order to escape the police and Batman where he went to high speeds to escape them.

Powers and abilities

Gearhead appeared as an ordinary human though his powers were primarily technologically based who used his abilities through the use of nanotechnology. Initially, it was believed that he simply used nanotechnology but it was later determined that he "is nanotechnology". This was because the technology was so embedded within him that it was simply an extension of himself. This essentially made him a cybernetic being who was capable of taking control of technology through his implants. His right eye was apparently a bionic implant and glowed red with an ability to filter through the visual background.

His right arm consisted entirely of metal and machine parts which was more oversized compared to a normal arm. There were numerous mehanical holes present on the surface of the arm which contained areas through which metallic tendrils could erupt and connect to pieces of machinery such as vehicles. When taking control of a vehicle whether its a car or a motorbike, Gearhead was capable of releasing mechanical tendrils from his right cybernetic arm that connected to the machine. Once in place, the nanotechnology transform sthe vehicle into a yellow high advanced and motorised version of itself. In this state, the vehicle gains extensive improvements such as increased speed, robotic arms and similar such enhancements. The connection of further mechanical tendrils also upgraded various parts of the vehicle such as a better engine allowing him to exceed more vehicles capabilities. If damaged, Gearhead quickly ditches his transport whereupon it returns to its original unaltered state. In addition, he was capable of transforming his fingers into sharp claws that can harm opponents.

His left arm was more human in appearance with small slots present that were able to shoot out mechanical handheld cylinders. This object was capable of attaching itself to machinery whereupon it shot out numerous yellow filaments inside that served as a carrier for nanotechnology which infected the machines. Those devices such as cars or simple tools that were hit by the cylinder were thus infested with the nanotechnology and subject to Gearheads control. Not only were the cylinders capable of taking over a piece of technology but they were also able to transform it allowing him to disable opponents by creating tendrils from their vehicle that attempt to capture their driver.

In terms of weaknesses, Gearhead was notable for being able to magnetically caught due to the machinery present in his body. Furthermore, a properly shielded vehicle was capable of resisting his nanotechnological infestation.


  • Gearhead was voiced by English actor Will Friedle and Japanese actor Tobita Nobuo.


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