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Code Geass is a power that features in Code Geass.



Many years ago, an immortal Geass user named V.V. met a younger boy named Charles zi Britannia with the two forming a Geass contract. V.V. was seen as being Charle's 'older brother' and the contract involved ending the chaos as well as destruction of the world by killing god. Charles's power allowed him to overwrite the minds of others through eye contact and he rose to the position of Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire by his adulthood. At some point, the Geass Order was created with C.C. being the leader of this quasi-religious and research organization. Its ranks consisted of numerous humans of various ages that had the power of Geass.

At an unknown time, C.C. was travelling across China when she discovered a young six year old boy named Mao. She took the boy with her and made a contract him giving him the power of Geass. Mao's power manifested as being able to read the minds of those around him but he could not control the information that he heard in his mind. The only person that was immune to this ability was C.C. and he came to both adore as well as love her obsessively. Eventually, she decided to leave him as he became consumed both by his power and his obsession with her.

Upon learning of the Order's existence, Zero intended to capture them and acquire their knowledge. This objective changed after the death of Shirley Fenette at the hands of Rolo Lamperouge with Lelouch deciding that the power of Geass only brought suffering. As such, he concluded it was a power too dangerous and harmful to allow to continue. Thus, he had a secret detachment from the Black Knights prepared to strike at the Order's headquarters. Lelouch had a number of objectives namely eliminating V.V. but he also had his soldiers kill everyone in the facility as he did not at a single Geass user to live even if they were non-combatants.


Using the power of Geass in Code Geass.

It was a power conferred to a normal human being that manifested in their eyes. When in use, one of the eyes of the user turned red and manifested a Geass symbol on it. The power of Geass allowed an individual to influence the minds of another person through eye contact or within a certain radius. Each Geass was different from the other with their abilities including; compelling a person to follow the commands of the user, reading minds, transferring their consciousness into another, freezing the reflexes of a group of people, taking over the motor functions of another and rewriting the memories of a person.

In time, the Geass user gradually evolved and grew more powerful allowing them to fulfill the terms of their contract with the witch that granted it. The more one used their Geass the more powerful it became but those that could not control the power became consumed by it. Upon completion, the user was actually transformed into a witch as the former one died and thereupon became immortal. As a result, the witch could never die even from fatal shots as they simply arose again. This was the case until they formed a contract with another human being to impart on them the power of Geass. The result of this immortality meant that they were able to live for centuries eternally young and unchanging in appearance. A consequence of their long lifespan though was the witch sometimes felt that their life was a curse and made contracts with people in order to end their immortal lives.


Geass users in Code Geass.
  • C.C. : a female green haired young girl who was born centuries ago as a slave girl until she met a witch that was a nun and given a Geass power that made everyone love her. However, the witch only gave the power to C.C. to end her immortal life whereupon C.C. became a witch who lived for centuries but suffered numerous times and was killed only to rise again.
  • Charles zi Britanna : a male Britannian who made a contract with V.V. allowing him to rewrite the memories of others and he established the Holy Britannian Empire with himself as emperor.
  • Marianne vi Britannia : wife to Charles zi Britannia whose Geass allowed her to transfer her consciousness to another through eye contact.
  • Lelouch Lamperouge : a male exiled Britannian prince who made a contract with C.C. where he had the ability to compel others to follow his command but this only worked once on the same person and only through eye contact was he able to give the command.
  • Mao : a male Chinese orphan who made a contract with C.C. allowing him to read the minds of others within a 500 meter range but was unable to block the voices of people in a crowd.
  • Rolo Lamperouge : an orphaned male child trained as an assassin for the Geass Order whose power allowed him to freeze people in a certain radius making it appear as if he stopped time but in fact the individuals were simply frozen until the power stopped though a danger was each use stopped his heart and extended use could tire him as well as kill him.


  • Geass may be based on the word geas or geis that was a term for magical contracts in Irish mythology.


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