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General Immortus from Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! v1 #2.

General Immortus is a male immortal comic book supervillain that features in DC.



General Immortus vs. the Doom Patrol in My Greatest Adventure v1 #80.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • General Immortus was created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, Bruno Premiani and Murray Boltinoff where he made his first appearance in My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963).

In other media


  • In the animated Teen Titans cartoon, the character made an appearance in the last season where he was voiced by Xander Berkeley. Though similar in appearance as in the comics, he was shown to had lived over a much longer period of live as he commanded troops into battle during the times of the Pharaoh's in Egypt. He was also shown to be quoting from "The Art of War" and stated that Sun Tzu was his best student. According to Mento, Immortus was a master tactician who gained millennia worth of combat experience in almost every major military engagement because he was there to live through them. He was shown as an ally of the Brain and a member of the Brotherhood of Evil where they battled the Doom Patrol. General Immortus was shown to make use of an army of robots to fight his engagements. When the Brotherhood widened their targets to the Teen Titans, General Immortus was responsible for sending his robots to capture Argent. In the final battle, he along with his army were washed away by Aqualad whereupon they were frozen by Tramm.
  • In DC Nation Shorts, the character made an appearance in the episode "Doom Patrol: Chapter #1 - Challenge of the Timeless Commander" where he was voiced by Clancy Brown. The story followed the comic with Immortus racing towards a crashed alien ship where he was confronted by the Doom Patrol. In his tank, he managed to paralyses Robotman and locked Negative Man's energy self from his body but he did not notice a shrunken Elasti-Girl who frees her allies whereupon they defeated General Immortus.


  • My Greatest Adventure v1 #80: (1963)
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! v1 #2:

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