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General Patton was an enormous bulldog general in command of the Usland Air Force, General Patton was a longtime admirer of the famed test pilot Ace London. As such, when it came time to test out the latest invention of the Air Force's top scientist (a short badger who was never named), General Patton knew who to call. He even trusted Ace enough to pick up the cargo from Sally's Alley with the assistance of two young, hero-worshipping airmen. However, Patton's admiration for Ace quickly began to deteriorate when Ace and his men accidentally grabbed the wrong crate, delivering to the General and his scientist a crateload of pickles instead of the secret jet engine.

Furious, Patton ordered Ace to retrieve the engine. Ace not only failed, but went totally berserk, firing on an unarmed civilian plane and forcing Baloo and Wildcat to use the jet engine to escape. In doing so, the two successfully (albeit unknowingly) tested it, breaking the sound barrier in the process. As a reward for their help, and to punish Ace for ignoring the rules of engagement, Patton made the once-proud test pilot deliver Baloo's shipment of pickles.


Likely named for U.S. General George S. Patton, Jr.

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