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A male Genetic Infantryman.

The G.I. or Genetic Infantry were soldiers that featured in Rogue Trooper.


The ranks of the G.I's were created by scientists among the Souther faction on the world of Nu Earth in a bid to create a form of genetically modified supersoldier. Due to the use of NBC weapons on the planet, Nu Earth was a toxic wasteland with conventional troops required to wear heavy environmental suits to survive. To overcome this problem, the scientists among the Southers create a soldier immune to virually every known toxin and noxious agent.


The Genetic Infantry were the result of years of secret research by the Souther genetic scientists and were created not onlyto survive but actually thrive in the unique combat conditions of Nu earth. Thus, they were faster, stronger and more resilient then ordinary Humans. The highly trained ranks of the GI's had no need for the cumbersome breathing apparatuses and chem-warfare suits worn by normal troops. Another more unique aspect of the GI's was that upon the unlikely event of physical death, their persona was capable of surviving by being downloaded onto a biochip which was located inside their skill. Once the body died, a trooper had sixty seconds to remove the chip and store it within a slot among their equipment. The saved mind was then capable of being retrieved and reinstalled into a new clone body or even being added to the GI's existing equipment thus enchancing its performance with a sentient mind. Ultimately, even death did not allow a GI to escape from their duties among the horrors of Nu Earth's war.

The process of creating more GI's involved genetic scientists known as Gene Genies who designed and created the Geneity Infantry. Their gene labs were a part of Milli-Com. For the first generation of clones, the incubrators were opened up once the biochip was successfully inserted at 6 months which allowed for a natural progression to maturity. The GI babies were very advanced for their age and were fully mobile by 9 months at which pointed they were ready for combat training from 18 months. (Rogue Trooper Game Encyclopedia)

The distinctive blue skinned and white eye appearance of the G.I's had several advantages above that of normal Humans. This included being immune to the poisonous air of Nu Earth and the capacity to submerge in strong acids without being affected adversely. Furthermore, they were capable of hiding from enemies by burying themselves for long periods of time without the worry of suffocating.

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