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The Genetically Organized Robotic Technology are a type of technology that features in The Day the Earth Stood Still.



Genetically Organized Robotic Technology (G.O.R.T.) was a type of living technology developed by an alien civilization. The group of races that Klaatu belonged to developed the organic technology at an unknown time. Since that age, they began sending out their craft to explore worlds that developed sentient complex life. Such spheres were dispatched to Earth where they observed the planet covertly and determine whether the Human race possessed redeemable features.

In 2008, Klaatu was dispatched with a fleet of spheres to Earth where he was to make the final assessment of the Human race. The spheres were assigned with the collection of Earth's animal as well as plant life just in case that Klaatu's judgement was negative in which case the mechanoid was to release the mass and destroy the planet so it could be populated once more with its local life with Humanity gone.

Klaatu was informed by a previous operative assigned to Earth that the Human race was self-destructive at which point Klaatu unleashed the mechanoid who in turn spread the nanotechnological plague that swarmed the planet. Study by the U.S. government confirmed it to be a mixture organic as well as mechanical technology which was labelled as G.O.R.T. It was stopped when Klaatu found a redeemable feature within Helen and her adopted son.

With that complete, Klaatu returned back to the fleet in his primary sphere and left Earth.



The primary sphere which Klaatu resided in.

The spheres were green looking organic appearing balls that glowed with green energy making them appear as if they had nothing within them. They appeared as a world of their own with swirling gases and scattering sparks of lightning. They were an exotic form of spaceship capable of travelling through space as well as an atmosphere with ease. A sphere was also able to survive in a wide variety of environments, from the oceans to the icy mountains to the deserts as well as dense jungles to even the vacuum of orbital space around a world. The use of the term spaceship though may be somewhat a false analogy as they were not a mechanical trave device but rather a temporal space translator which were movable portals that allowed Klaatu and his people to maneuver from one world to another.

A sphere was capable of creating a powerful signal that was defeaning to other races which served as a weapon designed to disable hostile races. Furthermore, it was possible for them to tap into computer networks and download necessary information. The spheres nature as space crafts meant that living pilots were present within some of them which appeared completely alien in design. They also served as arks by generating a signal that attracted as many local lifeforms as possible which were protected within the spheres organic interior, even from primitive weapons directed against it.

They came in various sizes from some the height of a human being while others were larger then sea tankers.

Its possible that the Spheres made use of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) Bridges also known as wormholes as a means of travel through the Spheres.


The alien species that Klaatu represented were a number of races that had banded together in their decision in deciding the fate of the Earth. However, Klaatu himself was a being made of light that required a body in order to interact. Thus, after obtaining a genetic sample from a local Human, Klaatu was encased in an organic based spacesuit that served as an incubator for his new body. It appeared as a fleshy green-grey organic suit that covered the entirety of the Human form and was made of bio-matter similar to that which was found in a placenta thus serving as a type of womb. This had regenerative properties as well allowing its user to use parts of the biosuit to heal wounds and injuries. Once the body was formed inside the suit, the external outer skin began to peel and fall off as the body inside was changed into its chosen form.

Klaatu made use of the biosuit to create a Human form for him to interact with the natives of Earth though he found it difficult to adapt to it at first. [1]


Klaatu's mechanical protector and the intrustment of Earth's destruction.

The mechanoid was a large green skinned humanoid shaped robot that was several times the size of a human and almost the height of a small building. It measured 28 feet tall and its skin was a silicon hybrid with organic tissue making it both living yet machine. The outer armor was extremely resilient and capable of resisting a diamond drill which broke without damaging the shell.

The robot consisted of a single eye which was hidden behind its visor. Its programming meant that it followed a directive which included the protection of a spheres pilots. They were also designed to protect itself from harm and attacks. It did this by shooting out a beam of energy from its eye capable of splitting into numerous sub-beams. These were capable of destroying targets or taking over mechanical objects.

Though it served as a protector for Klaatu, it also served as a failsafe weapon with no limits to its abilities and capable of fulfilling its task of wiping out the Earth of all life.

The mechanoid was based on Gort from the original movie.

The Mass

The nanotechnological mass of insects devouring everything in their path.

The giant mechanoid was capable of releasing a nanotechnological plague which originated from its large body. It was capable of dispersing into this mass which served as a weapon of mass destruction that was able to wipe out an entire planet. The mass was composed of microscopic silver colored bug like creatures which rapidly reproduced and began devouring everything within their path; be it technological or biological.

The only way for the mass to be stopped was by a alien pilot to send the deactivation signal through one of the spheres. This sent a type of electromagnetic pulse on a planetary scale that caused the swarm to die and had the side effect of shutting down all technology on the world it was used on.


  • Genetically Organized Robotic Technology was created by David Scarpa for the 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.
  • It conceptually based on the robot Gort from the original film.


  • The Day the Earth Stood Still: (2008)

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