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The Geno Processor was a piece of biotechnology that featured in the episode DNA Doomsday from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.


This processor was an advanced form of DNA computer created through genetic material that replaced silicon chips. It computed through living tissue and resembled a large organic mass that was attached to machinery where it worked computations and other such tasks. This made it a high advanced form of cyber hybrid lifeforms. It was capable of absorbing a stagging amount of information at a fast rate with an output that indicated heightened cognitive responses once the data parameters were inputted.

When freed, the processor was capable of moving about its environment and changing its form allowing it to grow tendrils to snatch objects. It was conductive and hungered to touch organic beings whereupon it sapped the electrical activity of their nervous sytems leaving the person in a coma-like state. Once this energy was absorbed, the geno processor was capable of adopting the form of that person and possessed their knowledge as well making it a skilled infiltrator.


The DNA computer was created at Fort Latimer by the scientist Leo Corell who was the leading scientist in the world in biotechnology. He was contracted by the US military with the creation of a new supercomputer for defensive operations which he used through his knowledge in genetic research. However, his creation broke free and attempted to absorb the electric energy from everyone in the base until it was stopped by Jonny Quest who defeated it in Quest World.

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