German weapons in Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

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The following are a list of German weapons seen in the game Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.



Luftschiffbau Zeppelin LZ 140

The Nachteule or Night Owl was the result of the successful use of zeppelin aircraft in World War I as night time bombers. This meant that it was only a matter of time before the German war machine began deploying them onto the battlefield now married with jet engine technology. The Night Owl assault blimps make use of non-flammeable helium to stay afloat in conjunction with directional jet engines to help in manovering the massive craft.

For protection, these zeppelin craft were aided by the use of 9cm thick armor coating which makes them impervious to anything except anti-tank weaponry. In addition to their manoverability, the assault blimps contain spotlights to catch enemies, two forward machineguns and can carry 5 infantry with full equipment onto the field.

Luftschiffbau Zeppelin LZ 201

The Flugzeugtrager, also known as Air Craft Carrier, are the largest of the zeppelin craft within the German arsenal. They are effectively flying aircraft carriers as they contain space for scores of aircraft, tanks and upto 2,000 infantry with full field equipment. Its operational capacity allows it to go upto 18,000 meters making it an effective long range transport as very few anti-aircraft weapons can penetrate its 9cm thick armor. However, its much slower then its Night Owl cousin. Despite this, with its weapons and support of the Horten Night Hunters, the Air Craft Carriers are virtually unstoppable.


Atom Bomb

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