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Gex is a wise-cracking gecko lizard with an attitude and a passion for television. His hobbies include watching late-night TV and quoting from old movies. He wasn't always this way.

In the earlier years, he lived in a nice isolated village in Maui, Hawaii with his mom and four younger siblings, and his dad was away doing NASA research. He spends his days hanging out with his friends, surfing, playing the ukulele, battling pineapples with his local ball club the Molokai Scalers, racking up the wee hours at the Poi Boy suchi bar, and throwing poi parties down on the beach with the local gecko ladies. That all changed when his dad was killed in an accident, he begins to watch TV to comfort himself. One week later, the family moved to Encino, California to start a new life. After trying everything to get him off the sofa, with help of their neighbor, a burly old lizard named Harv, Gex's mom gave it to some gypsies. Gex runs out the door, swearing to never come back to his TV-less home and has been living in the streets. A few months later, his mom found him and announced that they are rich because his great-uncle Charlie, the original model for Izod, died three days after Gex ran away, and his stock was over 20 billion dollars. Gex comes back into living, the family lived like billionaires for a new months, and Gex's mom opened up a theme restaurant featuring robotic space monkeys. Gex took his share of the fortune and moved back to Maui, bought a big mansion and the world's largest big-screen TV.

A few days later, and nothing good on TV, he just flip through the channels when a fly buzzed by. Gex flicked it down and swallowed it. Little did he know that he was bugged, the fly was a transitter sent by Rez. Rez was watching him through the TV screen, he pulled out his claws and yanked Gex, still sitting on his comfy chair and wielding the remote, through his TV and into the Media Dimension, and chose him as the new network mascot. With his trusty remote control he journeyed across the Media Dimension to get to Rez and return home. He is caught in a creepy horror flick, a wacky cartoon, an old Indiana Jones movie, Kung Fu Theater, and a B-movie sci-fi show until he made it to Rezopolis. There he confronts Rez himself in a battle that will decide the fate of the universe - and more importantly, whether a gecko will be next season's network mascot. After he seem to have "destroyed" Rez, Gex returned home with his remote control and his comfy chair.

Somehow the public found out about his actions in the Media Dimension and become a media darling, he appeared in a copy of The International Inquirer. He met Farrah that one night only, but the The Inquirer took it way out of proportion. After it all died out, he resigned himself to a life of solituted: sitting in front of his big-screen TV, again. Two years later, two goons from a secret government agency showed up in his place and told him Rez is back in the Media Dimension and wants him to stop him. Gex tells them to send someone else and he's missing reruns of Colt Seavers. One of the agents slammed his head with a blunt object. When he regained consciousness, he finds himself in an interrogation-style room. After telling him all that he knows about Rez, he still won't do the job. They played a little rough and given him the business, and he gave a little back (by passing gas). A skinny agent reaches under the table and opens up a briefcase full of cold, hard cash to cover his expense. Gex reconsiders. They gave him a suit, a map to the Media Dimension and classified information. A limo was waiting for him out front with the beautiful Agent Xtra. She wishes him good luck as he drives back to a new and improved Media Dimension. After dodging obstacles of the programs and defeating henchmen Tiki Brothers, Mooshoo Pork and Mecharez, he arrives to Rezopolis and defeats Rez again. Before Gex destroys him once and for all, Rez tells him by heart that he's his father. But Gex turns off the TV Rez is trapped in (seems that he was completely over his father's "death" by now). After completing the mission, Gex and Xtra spends some time togther in a fancy apartment room. Getting to know each other a lot more.

The next following year, Gex has become a full-time secret agent and worked with Agent Xtra. He built a secret GEXCave in an island in the South Pacific. He's hired a faithful turtle butler named Alfred. He was watching the news from his GEXCave when Xtra was kidnapped. Xtra made contact to Gex that Rez strikes again and has kidnapped her to get to him. All suit up, Gex teleports himself back into the Media Dimension. On the way, he thaws out his ancestor Rex and rescues his cousin Cuz from an italian mafia. Then he faced Rez aboard his space station Rez-Raker, and has defeated him once again. Gex and Xtra spends a night in bed, when Alfred interupted them that here is trouble and the world needs him, but Gex shut off the video-camera.

To this day, Gex continues to fight for what's right in the world, one channel at a time.

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