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Zs'Skayr, the High Eco-Lord of Anur Phaetos.

Zs'Skayr, also known as Ghostfreak, was a male alien who featured in Ben 10.



Zs'Skayr early life was unknown except that he became the High Eco-Lord of the Ectonurite's on his homeworld of Anur Phaetos. At some point, he learnt of the Omnitrix from one of the data probes of the villainous Vilgax. After learning of the power of the device from the data files, he left his plan in search of the galaxy of the Omnitrix in order to use it to attain ultimate power. Possessing numerous beings, he eventually met Myaxx while she was scouting worlds for DNA samples of various aliens for the Omnitrix. He joined her and helped her in acquiring samples, most notably from the planet of Flors Verdance. Zs'Skayr used his powers to possess a Florauna that Myaxx was sampling and used his powers to encode his DNA into the Omnitrix as a sample.

He remained trapped within the Omnitrix when it came on Earth and fell into possession of Ben Tennyson. He eventually came onto the form when he was visiting his Aunt Vera and wanted to escape from her company. After transforming, he dubbed the form as Ghostfreak and was one of the many forms he used in battle whilst he was working as a hero. (EP: Permanent Retirement) Eventually, Zs'Skayr attempted to break free from his imprisonment in the Omnitrix and peeled off the protective layer of skin that covered him thus allowing him the opportunity to possess Ben's body and thus become whole again. However, he failed in his attempted possession and thus uses Acid Breath, Thumbskill and Frightwid to help him. To accomplish this, he took over Thumbskill and tossed him about as a way of showing his power. His plans failed when Ben opened a curtain that exposed him to the rays of the sun which killed. This act deprived the Omnitrix of Ectonurite DNA and prevented Ben Tennyson from taking on the Ghostfreak form. (EP: Ghostfreaked Out)

Despite his apparent death, Zs'Skayr was resurrected by his servant the Transylian Dr Vicktor. Assembling a team of horror themed minions, he sought to plunge the world into darkness and under his control. To accomplish this, he used a Thep Khufan called the Mummy to make use of his mutating Corrodium to turn the inhabitants of Earth into his mutated servants. He was aided in this plan by another minion who was a Loboan that was called the Yenaldooshi. His plan was successful thus leaving the Earth in darkness by blocking out the light of the sun allowing Zs'Skayr to remain at his full power without fear of the light. However, his plans were once again challenged by Ben Tennyson who's grandfather destroyed the corrodium projector. During the battle, each of his minions were dispatched leaving Ghostfreak alone. Sneaking onto the Tennyson's shuttle, he attempted to once again take possession of the Omnitrix but Max Tennyson tilted their shuttle and opened the outer doors allowing a full blast of sunlight to encompass the cargo chamber which killed Zs'Skayr. His DNA was thus reincorporated into the Omnitrix though Ben was reluctant in using it from then on. (EP: The Return, Be Afraid of the Dark)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Zs'Skayr was a member of the Ectonurite and had a number of abilities that were inherent in his races biology.

Being composed of protoplasm, he was able to become intangible through his will allowing him to phase through solid matter with ease. In addition, he could induce his body to become invisible allowing him move about his environment without being seen by his enemies. Having access to the full weight of his powers, he was able to use his phasing power to take possession of a human body and thus take it over as if it were a puppet. He could extend his intangibility to others by simple physical touch allowing him to phase them through solid matter. In addition to this, he had a number of telepathic and telekinetic abilities at his disposal though the extent of them were unknown. Furthermore, his skin was capable of sprouting an additional group of tentacles to serve as appendages.

His key weakness was inherent in his species's biology which was an intense photosensitivity meaning that he was damaged by the rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure led to his death and resulted in him exploding or evaporating in the air. This meant that he was at his strongest when it was dark. Despite this being capable of killing him, it was possible through certain advanced technology to resurrect him and bring him back to life.

He was capable of naturally levitating in the air and did not require air to breath allowing him to function in the vacuum of space.


  • Zs'Skayr's backstory came during Ben 10 Week event on April 13, 2008.

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