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(982 - 1032) Born a peasant in Medieval Scotland, young Gillecomgain had his face slashed by Demona, scarring him for life. Gillecomgain vowed to not only hunt her down but every remaining gargoyle. He became the Hunter.

Years later, in addition to hunting gargoyles, he became a political assassin for Prince Duncan and assasinated Findlaech, for which he was rewarded the Stewardship of Castle Moray. Years later he was again rewarded by Duncan with an arranged marriage to Lady Gruoch. When Duncan ordered him to "arrange an accident" for Macbeth, Gillecomgain refused, deciding to keep Macbeth around should he ever be useful against Duncan.

Enraged, Duncan revealed to Macbeth Gillecomgain's identity as the Hunter, setting the two against one another. Gillecomgain would have killed Macbeth had not Demona intervened, and Gillecomgain vowed to finally kill her. In battle, Demona tore off his mask and Gillecomgain asked Demona if she remembered scarring him, but became enraged when she said no. Gillecomgain soon perished in the battle, falling to his death.

Little did Gillecomgain know that he would leave a lasting legacy that would continue well into the 20th century and beyond.

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