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Ginger was Garlic Junior's right-hand man and the leader of his original trio of minions. It is assumed that Ginger was originally a follower of Garlic Senior, and that, along with Nicky and Sansho, Ginger cared for and raised Garlic Junior following the death of the boy's father at the hands of Kami.

A brownish-green demon of the Makyo race, Ginger possessed the unique ability to pull wickedly-curved swords from his arms by some unknown means to fight with. He supervised the gathering of the Dragon Balls, Earth for Garlic Junior, abducting Gohan when the boy refused to give up the Dragon Ball on his hat, and badly injuring Chichi and Ox-King in the process.

Later, he fought alongside Nicky against Goku in order to keep him from taking back Gohan, and although he was tough for his time, Ginger was no match for Goku. He was killed with a Kamehameha along with Nicky.

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