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GoBotron is a planet that features in Challenge of the GoBots.




GoBotron was a planet that eons ago supported life similar to that found on the planet Earth that was located in one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy. Its dominant species were a race of humanoids very similar to Humans in appearance. They developed into a technologically advanced civilization and as they progressed their world underwent significant changes. This led to a thriving society that spanned the entire world though their civilization began to outgrow their small world. Thus, they began building enormous metallic structures over the entire surface of their homeworld. These chain of events led to the emergence of the second age of GoBotron where a remarkably unified society developed with advanced technology ranging from hover cars to holographic projection. This tranquil period, however, ended when a civil war broke out amongst the people that was instigated by those that sought to disrupt the accepted norms of their society. These individuals became known as the Renegades and was led by a terrorist who became known as the Master Renegade during the first Renegade Revolt. Amongst those that defended the peaceful citizens were a corps of police officers known as the Guardians. Over many years, the two sides battled with one another with neither gaining or losing ground. On one occasion, the Master Renegade and his followers decided to strike against an asteroid harvesting fleet that were mining an asteroid the size of Texas. However, this led to the asteroid being inadvertently being sent plummeting to the surface of GoBotron with the massive impact leading to an explosion that killed an estimated 80% of the planetary population. In addition, a sizeable part of the planet itself was devastated that forever changed its appearance as it led to the world gaining a trademarked apple-core shape. Despite the devastation, a hero emerged within these dark times known as the Last Engineer who knew of the dire straits his people were facing. As a result, he developed a new technology designed to allow his civilization to survive. His solution was the transference of the minds of the inhabitants of GoBotron into robotic bodies thus saving them from extinction. The resultant action led to the people being referred to as GoBots that was a term taken from the Last Engineer. In the aftermath of the near destruction of GoBotron, both the Last Engineer and the Master Renegade disappeared with their whereabouts being a mystery for generation. All that remained were legends of the heroic Last Engineer and the villainy of the Master Renegade.

Despite the change, the planet was still in a period of social upheaval in the years that followed. In this time, the Guardians attempted to recover and rebuild what was left of their civilization whilst the disruptive Renegades were left to their own devices. Amongst the struggle for dominance came amongst the stronger members of the Renegades that led to a violent battle for power. The winner of this battle was a being known as the Evil One who wielded a powerful anti-matter weapon known as the Dark Heart which he used to attack GoBotron. The power he unleashed was so powerful that it nearly destroyed the entire world in a chain reaction. However, the Guardian elders managed to barely stop him and exiled him into deep space as punishment for his actions. This event occurred around 6,000 years ago where the Evil One's vessel came to land on primitive Earth where he intended to be reawakened in the future though his body shutdown due to lack of power.

Around 200 years ago, it was known that Gobots had been secretly coming to the planet Earth.


In appearance, the planet had an unusual form as it resembled an apple core with two large surfaces on either end and a small sphere in the center. The center was the actual original GoBot homeworld and was referred to as Old GoBotron with none of the surface GoBots visiting this area.

Locations on GoBotron included:

  • Gobotolis : the capital city of GoBotron.
  • Gobana : a settlement near the capital city.
  • Guardian Federation Complex :
  • Planetary Defense Centre :

Old GoBotron was a lawless place filled with slums and criminal elements. Its population consisted largely of aliens and modifier rejects namely those that rejected being turned into mechanical GoBots. The surface regions were riddled with countless service canals.

The planet was protected by a low density energy shield.

GoBotron possessed a number of moon such as the Prison Moon used to hold criminals and the Moon of Knowledge containing lost secrets of GoBot history. Another of the planets moon's was Industrial Moon Zeta-9.

They utilised holo-cubes that could morph their forms to generate a projector and deliver a message.

Among the most fearsome weapons developed by the Gobots was the Dark Heart used by the Evil One. This was an anti-matter weapon that was incredibly dangerous as it grew to consume all objects it touched and was uncontrollable. Such was its danger that it threatened the fabric of time and space over he universe.



  • Challenge of the GoBots:


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