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God's Right Seat is an organization that features in A Certain Magical Index.



God's Right Seat (神の右席 Kami no Useki?) was a secret organization that was linked to the Roman Orthodox Church. It was said to had been born of the great calamities that befell Europe with a need for individuals to talk directly to the Pope on matters regarding the Church. Thus, God's Right Seat was formed consisting of four members that initially were tasked with aiding the Pope and providing advice. It came to be regarded as separate from the clergy where it became a secretive group that the Papacy began to rely upon for support.

Afterwards, Pope Matthai Reese was summoned to St. Peter's Basilica where Vento of the Front forcibly convinced him to sign a form that declared Touma Kamijo as an enemy of God and by extension the Catholic Church. As a result, Vento was given full authority to travel to Academy City and eliminate the boy. Alongside her were both Terra of the Left and Acqua of the Black along with a supporting invasion force to aid Vento in her mission.

A month later, tensions began to run high between the Roman Orthodox Church and Academy City with the latter being decimated from the earlier attack that left it in ruin and costing over 8 trillion Yen to repair. The Roman Church came to believe that this indicated a shift in the balance of power to its favour where it planned its next move against its rival.


In appearance, God's Right Seat was a secret group that consisted of four individuals that were powerful magicians who aligned themselves to the four Archangels. Originally, their role was simply to advise the Pope on matters regarding the Church with them keeping in the shadows. In time, however, they began to exert a greater control over the Roman Catholic Church. This saw the group change to the point that they began having secret discussions with the Pope where they began overpowering the Pope and vetoing their decisions. Their ultimate goal was to remove their original sin and ascend to the position equal to God with the potential of becoming even greater than the Lord.

Its members were known to dilute their original sin by artificial means via a spell and sought to reduce as much of it as possible by using the example set forth by the Virgin Mary. Though not entirely removed, enough original sin was removed to allow them to freely carry out spells that far exceeded those of normal humans with them able to craft magic that was normally used by angels and God. A side effect of this was the loss of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge which prevented them from using spells normally used by ordinary magicians.


  • Fiamma of the Right :
  • Vento of the Front :
  • Terra of the Left :
  • Acqua of the Back :


  • God's Right Seat were created by Kazuma Kamachi where they served as the primary antagonists in he God's Right Seat story arc in A Certain Magical Index.
  • In the English dub, they were called the Right Seat of God.


  • A Certain Magical Index II:

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