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The God Warriors were a series of bio-weapons that featured in NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind.


The God Warriors were genetically engineered bio-weapons created by Humanity and were partly the reason for the creation of the Seven Days of Fire. They were gargantuan bio-mechanical beings with metal ceramic skeletons which made them a common sight on the battlefield at one time. They have the ability of flight by twisting space and can fire devastating energy beams which were fueled by atomic energy with contact with the creatures causing radiation poisoning.

These were weapons designed for the single goal of detruction and were believed to have all been destroyed in the great catacylsm of the war. However, a live God Warrior was discovered under Pejite. This embryo was excavated and developed in order to use it against the nations enemies which made it a source of dispute between Pejite and Tolmekia. Ultimately, the God Warrior was awakened and used against the Ohmu swarms that were gathering and managed to unleash a great deal of destruction on the creatures but the God Warrior melted due to some genetic problems with the creature.

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