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Godspeed in The Flash v5 #6.

Godspeed is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.



Foe to Barry Allen in The Flash v5 #7.

August Heart was a male human who lived in the modern age where he grew up on Earth and was noted to have had a brother named Jorge. (The Flash v5 #7) He was one of the first cops to ask for Barry Allen's advice on crime scenes with him treating Allen as an equal rather than a lab technician. (The Flash v5 #36) It was known that several years ago his brother Jorge was killed in the line of duty at the hands of Billy Parks. Despite Parks arrest, the D.A. did not believe they had enough evidence to secure a conviction and let him go. The incident infuriated August who felt that his brothers death was not avenged and that there was no justice for him. (The Flash v5 #7) August then had to inform his parents about the death of his brother. (The Flash v5 #6) It was known that he had been a Major Crimes Detective for at least six years. (The Flash v5 #2) He responded to the incident when Barry Allen was struck by lightning within his laboratory and called medical aid for his friend. (The Flash v5 #1)

He responded to an incident involving the Black Hole organization where during the shootout he was targeted by one of the criminals. Heart would have died had a Speed Force storm not engulfed the area and empowered August with the powers of a speedster. (The Flash v5 #1) The Flash then proceeded to train August in the use of his powers with Heart revealing that he determined that the Scarlet Speedster was actually Barry Allen. During their discussions, August spoke about using these powers to make a chance in the city and offered to help Allen as a fellow hero. The Flash was reluctant in involving others to his cause but relented and accepted August as a hero after he helped Barry save Iris West from the Black Hole criminal gang. (The Flash v5 #2)

With these powers, he secretly used them to avenge his brother by murdering Billy Parks. After arresting the speedster criminals, Heart came to feel his Speed Force connection linking with them the closer he got to them. Being drawn to it, he decided to secretly approach the criminals in Iron Heights prison in an effort to draw out their power. This led to him inadvertently killing them in the process with this not being his aim but he came to find that he absorbed their Speed Force power. He then continued to try to draw out this power amongst the other speedsters but without killing them as he reasoned that most of them did not want their powers. However, on many occasions, August had ended up accidentally killing the people after the power had left them. (The Flash v5 #7)

It was the death of Billy Parks that led to Barry Allen confronting August who was revealed to had been Godspeed. (The Flash v5 #6)

During his investigations, he found an old laboratory underneath S.T.A.R. Labs where he uncovered writings from murals at Gorilla City that referred to Black Hole along with the Speed Force but August was unable to investigate further. (The Flash v5 #42)

In an effort to stop Grodd, the depowered Barry Allen approached Godspeed in order to stop the villain who was attempting to claim the power of the Speed Force. (The Flash v5 #41)

This was actually a place outside of time where he met with Paradox who revealed his origins along with his mission to destroy the Flash as he deemed him a threat to the Multiverse. (The Flash v5 #88)

Now serving his new benefactor, he was provided with a special gauntlet and sent to observe the Flash alongside the other speedsters from within the Speed Force. Barry Allen managed to catch sight of him leading to a fight with Heart who battled him along with the other speedsters as he was tasked with using he gauntlet on each of them. The battle ended due to the intervention of a new speedsters named Impulse whereupon Godspeeds benefactor told Heart to retreat. He then returned the gauntlet to his master who vowed to end the legacy of the Flash. (The Flash Annual v5 #2) August returned to the modern day in order to get Barry to follow him into future. This was a trick though to bring the Flash before Paradox. Once there, Paradox ordered Godspeed to turn against Allen and battle to the death. (The Flash v5 #750) This was, however, a trick by August who wanted to uncover the villains true plans and to get Barry so that they could defeat him together. Godspeed then turned Paradox but the supervillain effortlessly defeated him and left August unconscious thus leaving the Flash to face him alone. (The Flash v5 #751)

The Flash and Eobard Thawne were unable to stop Paradox with Barry deciding to free Godspeed from captivity. This saw August and Barry working together to fight the villain thus creating a distraction for Eobard Thawne to journey through time to prevent the accident that created Paradox in the first place. The Flash and Godspeed were nearly overwhelmed by their cosmically empowered foe until Eobard succeeded thus causing Paradox to erase from existence. However, the two speedsters were trapped within the collapsing reality that the villain had created until Thawne combined his Negative Speed Force with their Speed Force. This catapulted all three to the present where August believed that Thawne was on the path to redemption and that they would be recognised as heroes. He then asked Eobard with his knowledge of the future knew who was the person that murdered his brother. Thawne revealed that it was him and he proceeded to snap August's neck thus killing him leaving the Flash to mourn his friend. (The Flash v5 #755)


Personality and attributes

Upon getting a costume, he initially considered calling himself the new and improved Flash as he felt the original was not doing his job but he decided to name himself Godspeed. (The Flash v5 #6)

August was said to rely on his gut instinct when he was a detective. (The Flash v5 #1)

He said that he knew what it was like to be obsessed with this especially being the case in relation to the Speed Force where he was willing to kill to keep its power. (The Flash v5 #42)

After gaining the Speed Force, he could feel the connection with other speedsters that gained their power from the Speed Force storm. Upon being drawn to them, he drained them of their power in an effort to become stronger which inadvertently killed them. However, Heart claimed that he never meant to kill anyone as he only wanted to become faster and stronger so that he could use his abilities to prevent anyone else from experiencing the pain of losing a loved one. As Godspeed, he targeted criminals and was perfectly willing to use lethal force against his enemies. This included vibrating the molecules of criminals and forced them into the wall to trap them there as they died in the process. (The Flash v5 #7) Ultimately, he believed that no one should escape justice and punished criminals harshly where upon getting powers he decided that he would be judge, jury and executioner. (The Flash v5 #6)

August said that he knew Barry Allen before he had gotten his powers and thus knew his real nature. (The Flash v5 #42) In time, he claimed that despite all of August's sins and crimes that Barry always looked to redeem him. (The Flash v5 #755)

Powers and abilities

Upon getting the Speed Force, he gained a number of abilities common with other speedsters such as being able to generate a friction cushion which protected his body from minor injuries from travelling at high speeds. This allowed him to travel at incredible speeds, vibrate fast enough to change the frequency of his body to make it intangible and phase through objects, run in circles at speeds to create tornados and even generate mini-vortexes from fast movements of his hands. The Speed Force within him was able to connect to others speedsters allowing this power to aid in their healing. (The Flash v5 #2)

With his speed, he was able to split himself into two copies as he divided the Speed Force between them. However, Heart was unable to maintain this for long with it beginning to hurt him the longer they were separated. (The Flash v5 #7)

August was able to generate a costume for himself from the Speed Force. (The Flash v5 #6)

As a consequence of the Speed Force, he had an increased metabolism and he burnt his body's fuel reserves quickly which he needed to replenish. (The Flash v5 #2)


  • Godspeed was created by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico where he made his first appearance in The Flash: Rebirth v2 #1 (2016).

In other media


  • In The Flash, Godspeed appeared in the setting of the live-action television Arrowverse series during season 5 in the episode "Godspeed" where he was portrayed by actor Kindall Charters and voiced by actor BD Wong. This version was native to 2049 where he was an intern at Mercury Labs that managed to unlock Zoom's experiments with Velocity-9 thus giving him superspeed. He then crafted the identity of Godspeed but his powers were only temporary and he sought the right mix of chemicals to make the power permanent. Godspeed then became the first supervillain encountered by Nora Allen leading to her gaining superspeed and fighting him as XS.


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