Hackshaw's Gargoyle

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The gargoyle kneeling atop Hackshaw's mansion, before being brought to life.

Hackshaw's gargoyle was a stone gargoyle which resided on top of the mansion of wealthy Los Angeles warlock Amos Hackshaw. Originally a simple lifeless statue, the warlock brought it to life to follow and watch H. Phillip Lovecraft and ensure he found Larry Willis and the Necronomicon. When he did, the gargoyle was instructed to kill Lovecraft and retrieve the book. It failed. However whilst attempting to obtain the book it killed Larry Willis. Later, the gargoyle was present at Vista Bonita when Hackshaw attempted to summon the Great Old Ones. After Hackshaw was eaten by Yog-Sothoth due to the failure of the ritual, the gargoyle reverted to a lifeless stone statue and disappeared into thin air.

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