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Haggar, with pet.

Haggar was an evil sorceress, responsible for creating the Robeasts and other menaces that plagued the Voltron Force. She served both King Zarkon and his son, Prince Lotor.



Witch of Planet Doom.

As part of her latest scheme, the witch Haggar informed King Zarkon that she had the means of creating a perfect warrior Robeast and simply needed the most vicious fighter for the task. This led to gladiatorial games being waged on Planet Doom among various monsters with the victor being a Cyclops creature. The specimen was taken to Haggar's laboratory and enhanced into a powerful Robeast that was let loose on Arus. Whilst Voltron struggled against the creature, the Castle on Arus was attacked by Yurak's forces and seemingly destroyed. However, Princess Allura activated a contingency set by her father King Alfor that rose a much more technologically advanced castle from underground that was heavily armed that repelled Planet's Dooms forces whilst Voltron destroyed the Robeast.

After Yurak's latest defeat, Haggar commented that in the past she had used her magic to split Voltron into five pieces with each now being controlled by one of the Space Explorers. Thus, she concluded that the removal of one of the pilots would make the Voltron Force helpless as they could not unite into the mighty robot. As such, she decided to travel to Arus herself with one of her prized Robeasts to accomplish the task. This would see both her and her Robeast badly injure the Space Explorer Sven who was no longer able to fight. With the pilot wounded, she had her Robeast transformed into a giant monster and let loose but the Voltron Force in their lions managed to trick it into falling into a lava pit. Despite the creatures defeat, she concluded that Arus was not vulnerable as the Voltron Force were not able to unite to form Voltron in the future.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Her personal laboratory contained a wide range of tools designed to improve living beings into superior Robeasts. Among these included a cryto-ray that exposure to the subject could make them invincible according to her.


  • Haggar was voiced by actress B.J. Ward.
  • In the original Beast King Golion anime, the character was name Honerva who was the mother of Emperor Daibazzal and grandmother of Prince Imperial Sincline where she was voiced by Masako Nozawa.


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