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The Hall of Knowledge is a location that features in the SyFy 2008 movie Riddle of the Sphinx.


The Hall of Knowledge was a mythical and legendary location that was featured in the pantheon of the Egyptian gods. It was deeply linked to the goddess Isis and was stated to contain the entirety of knowledge of both the Heavens and the Earth. Legend stated that it was created around 100,500 BC where it was located between the Pyramids of Egypt. This library of knowledge was not located in the mortal plane but rather in an interdimensional region of space that was based on diversified theory namely that there were multiple different planes of existence that overlapped one another. The only marker that indicated the entrance into the Hall of Knowledge was the Egyptian Sphinx which was in-between the territories of two rival Egyptian clans. These rival and competitive groups sealed the Hall of Knowledge whereupon the Cipher Key was crafted. This unique mystical key was shaped to be part of two separate objects with writings over it that indicated the means to gain entrance into the Hall. Each of the two pieces of the Cipher Key was given to the leaders of one of the Egyptian clans in order to promote cooperation between the two so that they could unlock the Hall of Knowledge.

Following its creation, the legends said that "At the Hall of Knowledge is guarded by a servant of Isis. If the beast is not met by the one true key, then no where on Earth will the transgressor be saved from the Guardian's wrath." This servant of Isis took on the form of a demonic sphinx served as protector to the Hall of Knowledge. This demonic beast was just as later legends described it; possessing a demon head with the body of a lion and wings with which it could fly as well as had the power to take human form with either state being nearly invulnerable to mortal weaponry. In order to safeguard the information within this library, the Cipher Key was linked to the Radiant Stones that were the means of accessing the Hall of Knowledge. Inscriptions were included to warn anyone that an incorrect usage of the Key would bring about the wrath of the Guardian. If done so incorrectly, the doorway to the Hall of Knowledge would awaken the Sphinx that would ruthlessly seeking the possessor of the Cipher Key. According to the legend, "When the Sphinx yet again walks the Earth, Ra will rise and fall three times before the Guardian summons the Plague of Isis in order to safeguard her secrets." As Ra was the Egyptian sun god, it meant that after three days the demonic sphinx would bring down the wrath of the gods in the form of the Plague of Isis in order to prevent anyone from abusing the secrets of the Hall of Knowledge. This could only be averted if the four radiant stones that served as the true key to the Hall were found and brought together which in turn would lead the explorers to the Ankh of Destiny that would pacify the sphinx.

In the 21st century, an archeaologist Thomas Parr working for Sentinel managed to uncover the parts of the Cipher Key. Spending days deciphering the text, he was unaware that his knowledge of the primer had been sabotaged and thus he believed the Cipher Key itself to be the means through which one gained entry into the Hall of Knowledge. However, this act released the sphinx and killed Thomas Parr who left the Key in the hands of his aide Jessica in order to get her to recruit his son Robert Parr to solve the mystery surrounding the Hall of Knowledge before the end of the world came. His journey led him to use the Cipher Key to uncover the four Radiant Stones that represented the four elements of earth, fire, air and water. A fifth element was also present namely that of man who represented the ether; the essence of the gods themselves. With the crystals together, they forged the Ankh of Destiny needed to slay the demonic sphinx at the cost of ones life but stopping the Plague of Isis. However, Robert Parr did not die but was instead transformed into energy where he stood in the afterlife and met his father Thomas who was now one with the ether. Thomas offered him a choice; he could guide him to the Hall of Knowledge where he could learnt the secrets of the universe and the meaning of life itself thus becoming a god or he could return to mortal existence. Robert ultimately decided to return to the mortal plane and live his life with his daughter Karen Parr and his romantic interest Jessica.

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