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A Halo.

The Halo Array are large megastructures that feature in the Halo universe.



The Halo Array were large titanic megastructures created by the ancient civilization known as the Forerunners during the height of their society. During their rule in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Forerunner Ecumene came under assault from an extragalactic force known as the Flood. To combat this danger, the Builders in the Ecumene were responsible for the building the Halos to combat the parasitic Flood. It was believed by the Forerunners that the only way to fight this threat was by depriving their foe of their food source namely organic life.


Each of these titanic structures were effectively fortress world's.

A teleportation grid that was dpread throughout Halo that allowed rapid movement across the large structure.

When activated, the Array had an effective range of 25,000 light years but when coupled with the other Halo's it was able to generate a collective pulse which encompassed the entire galaxy. This allowed them to wipe the galaxy of life in order to starve the Flood of biomass. A tactical pulse could be initiated that wiped out nearby life in the local environment such as a Flood infestation.

Management of a Halo Array was done so by a construct that was typically a Monitor. However, deployment of the Halo's pulse required the use of a device known as the Activation Index.

Known Halos

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