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Hans Reinhardt is a male villainous scientist that features in the Disney movie The Black Hole.




Personality and attributes

Kate considered Han's personality to border between genius and insanity though her comrades believed him to be entirely mad.

Intelligent life was considered nothing in the mind of Dr Reinhardt. He transformed his entire crew into humanoid robots after they mutinied though he would claim that he saved them. He considered it as one of his greatest achievements and that it was the only means to protect them from certain death.

Powers and abilities

His intellect allowed him to transform the once organic crew of the Cygnus into humanoid robots. These served as the crew complement of his vessel and tasked with maintaining its various systems. In addition, his skills led to the creation of new and improved robotic sentry models that guarded the ship. Such creations included the black skinned sentry Captain STAR who was considered the prototype of a new generation of security robots. This was until Dr Reinhardt created the silent Maximillian who served as his second in command and enforcer.


  • The character was portrayed by actor Maximilian Schell.


  • The Black Hole: (1979)

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