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Hanzo is a male video game character who features in Overwatch.



Hanzo Shimada (Japanese: シマダ・ハンゾー Hepburn: Shimada Hanzō) was the son of Sojiro Shimada and the older brother of Genji. They were the heads of the Shimada family that were a clan of assassins who were established centuries ago where over time they built a vast criminal empire from their homestead in Hanamura. This allowed them to grow in power as they profited from lucrative trade in arms and the sale of illegal substances. As the eldest son of the family head, he had a duty to succeed his father and rule over the Shimada empire where from a young age he trained for that role. Hanzo was shown to had a natural aptitude towards leadership along with an innate understanding of both strategy and tactics. Following the death of his father, the elders of the clan instructed Hanzo to rein in his younger brother who had a more carefree and wayward personality with some seeing this as a weakness. Thus, Hanzo spoke to his sibling in an effort that this would see them both rule the Shimada empire. However, Genji refused to kill and be involved in the clan's criminal activities with this breaking Hanzo' heart who saw it as a rejection of their father's legacy.


Personality and attributes

He believed that every death brought honour and through honour there was a opportunity for redemption.

Powers and abilities

From a young age, he was trained to be the successor of the Shimada clan where he demonstrated an innate understanding over leadership, strategy and tactics. In addition, he was a natural prodigy in martial arts, sword-fighting and in the use of the bow.


  • Hanzo was created by Blizzard Entertainment where he featured in the setting of Overwatch.

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