John Harris

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Constable John Harris

The law on Petrie's Island, Constable John Harris thought his job was too boring until, at the behest of Mrs. Bellows, he went searching for her missing husband, Ian Bellows. He soon found Ian inside of a cave, his body devoid of all its bones, and quickly fetched Dr. Reginald Landers. Later, when Morton found a dead, boneless horse on his land, Harris went searching for Landers, who had gone up to the Phillips Laboratory with Doctors David West and Brian Stanley. Harris discovered that he had apparently missed the three doctors, but in searching for them throughout the mansion, his quest took him down into the cellar of the house, where the late Dr. Lawrence Phillips' lab was. Hearing a strange, electronic warbling emanating from the room where Phillips and his colleagues kept their lab animals, the constable walked into the room and was promptly attacked and killed by a silicate which sucked out all his bones.

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