Brian Stanley

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Dr. Brian Stanley

Dr. Brian Stanley was an English pathologist who taught at an unspecified university in London, England, who was a longtime colleague and friend of Dr. David West. Stanley was the one whom Dr. Reginald Landers of Petrie's Island came to see regarding the existence of a disease that could completely dissolve human bone. Unable to fathom such a disease, Stanley took Landers to see West and the three doctors ended up journeying to Petrie's Island where it was discovered that the boneless corpses were the work of creatures called silicates.

Stanley and West eventually discovered that the seemingly indestructible silicates could in fact be killed using Strontium-90 when a silicate died eating Dr. Lawrence Phillips' Great Dane, which had been contaminated with the isotope. It was while obtaining Strontium-90 from the Phillips Laboratory that Stanley was attacked by a silicate which grabbed his hand, forcing West to amputate it with an axe. Stanley survived, but spent most of the rest of his stay on Petrie's Island confined to the clinic.

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