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Hath-Set is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.




Hath-Set was a male priest in ancient Egypt where he lived during the reign of Prince Khufu. (Flash Comics v1 #1)

He came to find an ally in the royal family in the Pharaoh's wife Khea Taramka who he married after the death of the former and was the mother of Chay-ara. (Brightest Day v1 #13) Hath-Set came to desire Chay-ara and met with her in secret to confess her love for her but she rejected him as she was in love with Prince Khufu. (Hawkgirl v1 #65) When the Pharoah refused to use Nth Metal as a weapon of conquest, Khea secretly murdered him and made it appear that he took his life in grief over the death of his first wife. She then became Queen Khea Taramka of Egypt where she agreed with Hath-Set to kill her daughter and her love Prince Khufu. (Brightest Day v1 #13) He dispatched his servant Kolar with apprehending Khufu but the prince managed to escape in order to meet his love Shiera. The pair were outnumbered by the evil priests soldiers where Khufu was murdered by Hath-Set using an enchanted dagger. However, this caused Khufu and Shiera to go through a cycle of reincarnation where they were reborn in new lives every time they had died. (Flash Comics v1 #1) From the murder, he and Khea became immortal allowing her to rule Egypt though in time she sought the secrets of Nth Metal leading her to journeying through a portal to Hawkworld. Though she lived in that realm, Hath-Set remained loyal to her and the two shared a common goal with Khea taking the name of Queen Shrike in the floating Nth City on Hawkworld. (Brightest Day v1 #13) In Egypt, he became Pharaoh and commanded the kingdom when his followers discovered an inhabitant from Apokolips who had fled Darkseid. They creature sought shelter and offered the Beta-3 Gizmoid that he had stolen from Darkseid's armoury in exchange for sanctuary. Hath-Set had the being killed and had his followers place the Gizmoid in storage in an urn for future use. (Hawkgirl v1 #60)

From his time in ancient Egypt, he created a bloodline consisting of his descendants that continued over into the centuries in the modern day. This led to him having tens of thousands all of whom were capable of being taken as hosts for his soul. (Hawkamn v4 #12)

During the 20th century, one of his new guises was that of an extraordinary electrician named Doctor Hastor who sought to conquer the world with a machine that emitted electrical storms. He was confronted by the Hawkman who was Khufu's latest incarnation as Carter Hall who destroyed Hastor's equipment but not before the villain escaped. Doctor Hastor then proceeded to use magic to hypnotise Shiera and bring her to him so that he could sacrifice her. As he attempted to do so, Hawkamn arrived where he saved Shiera and shot Hastor with an arrow that killed him. (Flash Comics v1 #1)

Among his host bodies was a descendant named Doctor Helene Astar though his hold over her form sometimes grew weak. (Hawkamn v4 #12)

He later sought to build a mystical gateway which he built from the bones of Hawkman and Hawkgirl from their previous incarnations over the generations. To accomplish this task, he had hired mercenaries to aid him in this goal and to ensure he was not stopped by Hawkman or Hawkgirl whereupon he managed to escape through the portal. (Brightest Day v1 #3)


After the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. At the dawn of the human race, the figure that became Hath-Set was a young hero that led the Bat-Tribe who consulted with dark forces causing him to declare war against the Bird-Tribe. In the process, he used the Nth Metal to strike down the two leaders of the Bird-Tribe forcing them into a cycle of resurrection over the years as Hawkman and Hawkgirl. (Batman: Lost v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

From time to time, he said that he enjoyed watching slaves die in battle which was an entertainment he claimed he had picked up from the Romans. (Hawkgirl v1 #65)

He claimed that he had loved Chay-ara and had a deep desire for her with him willing to kill Khufu to claim her. Hath-Set even fancied making her future incarnations into his queen and intended to turn her into his eternal slave. (Hawkgirl v1 #65)

To a number of his offspring, he had them transformed into undead mummies which he believed was the greatest honour he could bestow on any servant which was the gift of immortality. (Hawkgirl v1 #65)

Powers and abilities

Similar to Khufu and Chay-ara, Hath-Set similarly gained the power to survive across the centuries. Whilst Hawkman and Hawkgirl reincarnated, their murderer had the ability to take over the bodies of his descendants. These descendants numbered in the tens of thousands by the modern age which he could use and if killed he could then take over another body. (Hawkamn v4 #12) As an immortal, he had lived in this manner for around 3,500 years by the modern age. (Hawkgirl v1 #65)

He was knowledgeable in the use of the ancient magics. (Flash Comics v1 #1)

Hath-Set was served by a number of mummies that were his sons with these holding enhanced strength and durability due to their undead nature. (Hawkgirl v1 #65)


  • Hath-Set was created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville where he made his first appearance in Flash Comics v1 #1 (January, 1940).

In other media


Hath-Set in Justice League Unlimited.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, Hath-Set appeared as an antagonist in the DC Animated Universe episode "Ancient History" where he was voiced by actor Hector Elizondo. He was only shown in flashbacks to Ancient Egypt where he served as a human advisor to King Katar Hol who was a Thanagarian lawman that was stranded on Earth long ago with his love Chay-Ara. The priest later spied on the Queen Chay-Ara having an affair with the human General Bashari with Hath-Set secretly informing Katar Hol. Hath-Set was shown to be fiercely loyal to the king to the point that he misinterpreted his command leading to the deaths of Katar Hol, Chay-Aya and Bashari which was an act he came to deeply regret.
  • In the Arrowverse, Hath-Set's name and backstory was partially merged with that of Vandal Savage in the shared setting.
    • In Arrow, it was revealed that in Ancient Egypt that Vandal Savage was known as Hath-Set who was an advisor to the Pharaoh.
    • In Legends of Tomorrow, Kendra Saunders sometimes referred to Vandal Savage as Hath-Set.

Video games

  • In DC Legends, Hath Set was referenced in the background of Hawkgirl in the iOS video game.


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