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Hazanko was the leader of the 108 Sons within the Kei Pirates, he was also a very powerful Tao Master and captained the Geomancer with the Anten Seven at his command. While still a mighty foe, Hazanko seemed to think that the Tempa Emperor was more powerful. Hazanko wanted nothing more than to acquire the XGP (the Outlaw Star) so he could go to the Galactic Leyline and achieve absolute power to rule the galaxy. He set the Anten Seven on Gene but one by one they failed, in the end Hazanko forced his way in to the leyline and once there he brutally defeated Harry MacDougal and got his wish for power. By linking with Melfina and the leyline, Gene was able to surpass Hazanko's power, but the Tao Master fused with the Geomancer. In the end, a super-powered Outlaw Star wounded Hazanko and then punched right through his gigantic head, the force reducing him to a skeleton while the Geomancer blew to pieces. Hazanko was dead.

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