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Captain Hector Barbossa is a male film character who features in Pirates of the Caribbean.



Hector Barbossa was a male human being who grew up to become a pirate on Earth.

He eventually joined the crew of Captain Jack Sparrow where he served as first mate aboard the Black Pearl.

At some point, he embarked on a romance with Margaret Smyth where she became pregnant with their child. She gave birth to a daughter named Carina Smyth though Margaret died shortly afterwards. Feeling himself unworthy of being a father, he gave his daughter away to an orphanage as he did not want her to live the life of a pirate and gave her surname after the girl's mother.

Barbossa continued to be under Captain Sparrow for two years before he incited a mutiny against him and left him stranded on a desert island, taking the Pearl for himself. He and his men were subsequently cursed to be immortal and undead forever after they stumbled across a treasure chest full of Aztec gold, blood money by the Aztecs to Hernado Cortez. They were doomed to forever be hungry and thirsty, and to appear as rotting corpses and skeletons in the moonlight. Barbossa figured out that to undo the curse, they had to return all the gold coins to the chest and appease the Aztec gods by giving their blood as payment. But because Barbossa had disposed of "Bootstrap Bill" Turner, he needed Bootstrap's offspring for this, who he initially believed to be Elizabeth Swann.

Instead, it was actually Will Turner who was Bootstrap's son, and Barbossa captured him following a fierce sea battle between the Black Pearl and the Interceptor, after which Barbossa also stranded Jack on the desert island a second time. Jack escaped and found his way to Barbossa's stronghold on Isla De Muerta with the help of Commodore Norrington and the Royal Navy, where he dueled his mutinous former first mate until Will Turner returned the last coin to the chest, smeared with his blood, thereby lifting the curse. With Barbossa no longer immortal, Jack shot him in the chest with a bullet he'd been saving for just such a purpose for ten years. Barbossa fell instantly dead.

Later, Barbossa's body was recovered by Tia Dalma and brought back to life. He still considered the Black Pearl to be "his" ship, but agreed to assist Elizabeth and Will in rescuing Jack from the end of the world.


Personality and attributes

One of his key desires after falling to the curse was returning the Treasure of Cortés to its home and freeing himself from being undead.

Powers and abilities

For a time, he was transformed into an undead being as a result of stealing the cursed Treasure of Cortés. This resulted in himself and his crew being immortal yet their undead nature was exposed in moonlight. The curse meant that they could feel pain from injuries but could never die and neither could they taste food or drink.


  • Hector Barboassa was created by Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Stuart Beattie and Jay Wolpert where he was portrayed by actor Geoffrey Rush and featured in the setting of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl:

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