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Helena Cain is a female television character who features in Battlestar Galactica.



Helena Cain was a female human who was born on the human colony of Tauron that was part of the Twelve Colonies of Man. She was 9 years old when her homeworld came under attack from the Cylon's during the first Cylon War. During this time, she fled with her younger sister Lucy who came to stumble in the rubble. Trapped there, Lucy pleaded for Helena to save her but she froze and upon seeing a Cylon landing party she ran away to hide in a nearby storage container. She hid there until she was found b a 0005 Centurion sentry and targeted her with Helena picking up a folding knife to defend herself. However, before the Centurion could attack, it departed as it had received orders that a treaty had been signed thus ending the war. Safe from the Cylon, Helena returned to the site where she left her sister but could not find Lucy who remained missing with only her doll left behind. Cain could see the Cylon landing ship depart with it being clear to her that the machines had taken Lucy away with them. In the aftermath, Helena vowed to do whatever it took to survive no matter the cost. When she became an adult, she enlisted in the military and gained a name for herself as an ambitious officer within the Colonial Fleet. Cain became a rising star with strong political connections and was promoted to Rear Admiral over half the Commanders on the list.


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  • Helena Cain was portrayed by Michelle Forbes and featured in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series.


  • Battlestar Galactica:

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