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Helena Sandsmark is a female comic character that features in DC Comics.




Helena Sandsmark

At Elias High School for Girls, Helena Sandsmark attempted to get her daughter Cassie admitted back into the school. However, its principal refused as she felt that Cassie’s identity as Wonder Girl being an open secret was too much of a risk. This led to Cissie King-Jones demanding that Cassie be allowed as the newest student or she would leave the school. She reasoned that this would be a huge blow to Elias High School as Cissie’s reputation as the star archer of the institution would be gone and thus affecting its prestige. Ultimately, the principal relented and agreed for Cassie to be re-admitted but on the condition that she did not use her powers on campus. (Teen Titans v3 #7)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.


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  • Helena Sandsmark was created by John Byrne where she made her first appearance in Wonder Woman v2 #105 (January, 1996).

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Video games

  • In Young Justice: Legacy, Dr. Helena Sandsmark appeared as a non-playable character in the video-game tie-in to the animated television series where she was voiced by actor Mae Whitman.


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