Artificial 17

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Artificial 17

Artificial 17 was an android created by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu in Hell (HFIL), an exact duplicate of Android 17 in appearance. Since it was decided that 17 had rebelled due to flaws in his construction, Artificial 17 was constructed with the means to "repair" those flaws. Thus, this android served two purposes. Firstly, in conjunction with the real 17 (which he could influence with mind control), Artificial 17 would create a portal to allow Gero and Myuu to escape from Hell, while trapping Goku in that dimension. Secondly, he would merge with the original 17, repairing his "flaws" and creating a loyal, perfect super-android- Super 17. Artificial 17 was successful on both counts, and Super 17 was born.


Artificial 17 has also been referred to as Hell 17 or Hell Fighter 17.

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