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The Hellsing Organization is an organization that features in Hellsing.



The Hellsing Organization was an ancient order that existed within the British government which was a spiritual descendant of the various noble knights and secret sects that hunted the supernatural threats of the world. Since that time, it had been defending the British Empire from such monsters for generations. Only those that held the honorable blood of the Hellsing family were allowed to head the order and continue its sacred mission. It was a duty that they inherited from those groups and one that they willingly accepted. Throughout history, it was responsible for detecting, hunting and destroying creatures that were a threat to Her Majesty, the United Kingdom and its citizens. It was known that the ordeals of the first masters of the Hellsing Organization were quite harsh compared to latter generations. Since its creation, it had recruited devoted, faithful soldiers that believed in the dictates of Christianity as well as the worship of God. Their actions were noted to had killed many friends of the child vampire Helena who described the Hellsing Organization's acts as being one of butchery of which she felt a great deal of anger.


The organization was a special operations agency charged by the Her Majesty, the British monarch with the duty of eradicating all supernatural as well as Satanic threats to the Church of England and Crown. According to Integra Hellsing, the organization consisted of monsters that protected England from the "other monsters". She herself believed that humans madee poor vampire hunters and that the only thing capable of exterminating a vampire was an even more powerful vampire. Thus, the Hellsing family allowed the organization to make use of its most powerful and darkest legacy - the vampire known as Alucard.

Its secretive nature meant that it was determined to insure its existence was never revealed to the innocent masses of the public. As such, they often engaged in media blackouts and attempts at hunting down anyone that tried to reveal their existence. It was stated on one occasion that the Hellsing Organization specialized in infiltration rather than investigation. Ultimately, they were a special ops group that were specialized in targeting vampires and ghouls. The mission of the Hellsing Organization was to end all earthly activity of non-human creatures which meant that they did not concern themselves with the investigation of matters involving humans with such supernatural beasts. To support them in these endeavors, they made use of a number of vampires themselves which some within the British government felt was contrary to their mission directive. Regardless, the Hellsing Organization was stated would never yield to anyone and would grind to dust any obstacles in their way.

One of the divisions of the organization was the Information Retrieval Department. They were also known to work closely with other government branches such as MI-5. A top level emergency level was a Code 00767 which was one of its highest threat levels. When matters involved the various branches of the British government were called up, it was typical for the Hellsing Organization to take part in the Knights of the Round Table conference with the Director of the agency attending the event. The purpose of these meetings was to share the various government organizations and agencies power as well as knowledge with one another out of a sense of loyalty to the British Monarch.

The organization made use of a large number of trained soldiers that were devoted in their worship of God. These warriors were completely dedicated to the organization and were trusted by the agency to conduct their operations. Orders from the organization were to be conducted even at the cost of the operatives life. However, when Hellsing family suffered heavy casualties, they were forced to hire from outside sources which included heathens and atheists which was an act that was unprecedented in the organizations history. During such times, the Hellsing Organization was known to draw upon recruits from the SAS and other groups in order to acquire skilled soldiers - this was only when they needed a show of force rather than soldiers that they could trust. Trained courses were used in order to test these soldiers with strict requirements in their training in order to weed out those that were incapable of fulfilling their objectives.



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