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Hellspores are devices that feature in DC Comics.



Hellspores were highly sophisticated terraforming devices used by the New Gods of the planet Apokolips. They were stored in Darkseid's armory where five hundred were created where they had the ability to tunnel a hole straight to a planets core. A single Hellspore had enough power within it to turn an entire planet into a firepit which meant a large concentration of them was capable of devastating an entire world. In order to safeguard these devices, a sophisticated encryption code (Omega-Lambda-7-XL-9) to prevent outsiders from taking control of these weapons. When Darkseid kidnapped Kara Zor-El, he brainwashed her to make her evil so that she would become the captain of his elite guard. This brought the attention of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman who journeyed to Apokolips to rescue the young Kryptonian. As the trinity split up, Batman managed to defeat a demonic dog of Apokolips and several guards whereupon he entered into the armory to discover the many Hellspores located inside.

As Superman battled his brainwashed cousin, Batman used his skills to break the password of the Hellspores and set them to detonate. Whereupon, he confronted Darkseid and revealed that if he did not release Kara - he would allow the weapons to explode and destroy Apokolips leading its master the ruler of a dead kingdom. At first, Darkseid believed him to be bluffing but Batman revealed the passcode to show that he had indeed circumvented the security system. In anger, Darkseid attempted to force Batman to undo the programming he had initiated but the Dark Knight refused unless the lord of Apokolips swore he would leave Kara Zor-El alone. With a smirk on his face, Darkseid allowed the human to live and was impressed by his actions. He agreed to his terms and allowed the heroes to leave with Kara whereupon the Hellspores were deactivated thus preventing them from destroying the planet.


In appearance, each of these machines resembled a spherical construct with yellow openings at various points and was small enough to fit in a human hand.

In other media


  • In Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the movie adapted the storyline in the Superman/Batman comics where the Hellspores feature within Apokolip's armory where Batman reprograms them and threatens to detonate them unless Darkseid released Supergirl.


  • Superman/Batman:

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