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Superman vs. Helspont in Superman v3 #7.

Helspont is an comic extraterrestrial supervillain that features in Wildstorm.




Helspont in Superman v3 #8.

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new history of events were created leading to an alternate timeline. Helspont was born as Prince Artus over three thousand six hundred years ago as a noble of the Royal House of Daem and lived at the Crown Seat of the Daemo Empire Homeworld. (Superman Annual v3 #1) As such, he was the firstborn of Daemonite overcaste helspire and High Skyr of the Second Dominion leading to him being the overlord of the Daemonite empire. (Superman v3 #7) His mother was the monarch of Daemo and he was married with a wife. For years, he claimed about a genetic decline of their species caused by co-mingling of their DNA with a myriad of other species. This culminated in the death of his wife who perished birthing their child leading to his confrontation with his mother. In his anger, he caused the queen tot cast him out for his folly leading to a life of piracy and conquest where he assembled an armada to reclaim his homeworld. It was during this time that he discovered the Blue Flame that was a conduit of great power that he gifted to his faithful followers. He sent his pilgrims in search of a new fertile land with the goal of looking for the genetic salvation of their kind. Around three thousand years ago, they discovered Earth where his leading geneticist Skugardt discovered an accelerant in the human genome known as the Metagene that could be the salvation of their kind. As a result, Helspont had many of his agents to hide among mankind and mold them for his return. (Superman Annual v3 #1) Entire star systems were conquered by him for the glory of the greater Daemonite empire and his service was absolute. In time, his brethren began to fear his power leading to them betraying him where he was imprisoned rather than killed. (Superman v3 #8) The Daemonites themselves also abandoned the mission given by Helspont and divided into factions where they did not monitor the Metagene meaning they did not control its development in humanity. (Superman Annual v3 #1)


Personality and attributes

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  • Helspont was created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee where he made his first appearance in WildC.A.T.S v1 #1 (August 1992).

In other media


  • In the animated WildC.A.T.s series, Helspont made an appearance as the primary recurring antagonist who was voiced by actor Maurice Dean Wint. Similar to the comics, Lord Helspont was the leader of the Daemonites who had waged a thousand year war against the Kherubim. Long ago, his vessel engaged a Kherubim ship in orbit around Earth with the two starships crashing to the surface. Once trapped on the surface, they continued their war against one another as Helspont sought out the Orb that had tremendous power and would have given him the ability to finally defeat his foes. He operated from his sunken vessel the Behemoth where he was aided by the prophetic Providence, the hybrid Pike and others. Helspont regularly commanded his Daemonites to infiltrate human society where they kept their existence a secret and sought out the Kherubim's descendants that bred with mankind. This brought him into conflict with Jacob Marlowe who with the aid of Void had assembled the WildC.A.T.S. to battle him.



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  • Superman v3: #7, #8
  • Superman Annual v3: #1
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws v1:

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