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Henri Ducard is a male comic character that features in DC Comics.




He gained a reputation for operating as a international freelance trouble shooter. Interpol had hired him to track a terrorist by the name of Jeremiah who had evaded everyone for three years with Ducard tracing his target to Paris. Whilst there, a young Bruce Wayne attempted to secretly follow him with Ducard confronting him on the third day. Henri was prepared to kill Wayne when Bruce asked to become Ducard's apprentice and learn from him. (Detective Comics v1 #599)

The British Secret Service hired the French mercenary Ducard to assassinate King Snake with him accepting the contract after negotiating a steep price. (Robin v1 #2) He was later at Hong Kong where Robin met him and Ducard told him that the apparently deceased King Snake had sent a cargo vessel filled with laundered money to Gotham City. (Robin v1 #5)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Henri Ducard was a master huntsman who's skill was such that every intelligence agency in the world would pay highly for his services. One day, he encountered a woman named Felicity Strode who he fell in love with and she became pregnant with his child. Their son was named Morgan Ducard but when he was young he learnt that his mother had been an assassin hired to kill his father. However, she had fallen in love with Ducard which stopped her from carrying out her mission. By this point, her employers had threatened her to complete her objective otherwise they planned to kill her son. Upon discovering his mother's secret, Morgan stabbed her to death and his father Henri arrived on the scene. Whilst initially angry, Morgan convinced his father of his loyalty and earned his trust. It was then that Henri began training Morgan in the art of being a hunter with the pair being a brutally efficient team. After his training in the far east in martial arts, Bruce Wayne sought out Henri Ducard to train him the trade of man-hunting. Whilst following him, Wayne came under attack from Morgan Ducard but managed to defeat him. By managing to prove himself the better fighter, Bruce managed to convince Henri to take him on as an apprentice. (Batman and Robin v2 #5) Henri Ducard as a result became one of the six men that trained Bruce Wayne that allowed him later to become Batman. (Batman and Robin v2 #4)

Morgan Ducard later swore revenge against Batman and took on the identity of the assassin mercenary called NoBody. (Batman and Robin v2 #4) He in turn had a daughter named Maya Ducard who he had trained in his trade prior to his death at the hands of Damian Wayne. Maya Ducard took the identity of NoBody who continued the legacy of her grandfather. (Robin: Son of Batman v1 #1) Henri Ducard himself was on the run from a mysterious creature that was hunting people connected to the Batman. Batman himself tracked Ducard having mistakenly believed that the famed hunter was responsible for an attack that killed Leslie Thompkins and seriously wounded Alfred Pennyworth. The pair worked together to fight off the mysterious assailant that was a genetic monster that had now taken the combined forms of Batman's various villains. (Detective Comics v1 #996)


Personality and attributes

It was said that Henri Ducard was a remorseless pig who would do anything for money. He was known to lie in court simply out of enjoyment. (Detective Comics v1 #599)

His son Morgan Ducard was said to share many of the same traits as his father. (Batman and Robin v2 #4)

On moments of clarity during detective work, Ducard referred to these as "lancer du chapeau" or "toss your hat" instant. (All-Star Batman v1 #8)

Powers and abilities

He was stated to be the best manhunter in the world. (Batman and Robin v2 #4) Ducard was said to be a deductive genius. It was difficult to find him as he moved around a lot in his life. (Detective Comics v1 #599)


  • Henri Ducard was created by Sam Hamm and Denys Cowan where he made his first appearance in Detective Comics v1 #599 (April 1989).

Alternate Versions

  • In Batman/The Shadow v1 #1 (2017), Henri Ducard appeared in the alternate reality setting where he was regarded as the World's Greatest Manhunter. Bruce Wayne sought him out to help him with a case namely the murder of an orderly from the Arkham Asylum Food Service named Lamont Cranston. In reality, he was actually the alternate identity of the Shadow who once knew Batman's grandfather Patrick Wayne.

In other media


  • In Batman Begins, Ducard was an alias used by Ra's al Ghul played by Liam Neeson who hid his true identity from Bruce Wayne when he sought out the League of Assassins for training.

Video games

  • In Batman Begins, Ducard was the identity used by Ra's al Ghul in the video game adaptation of the film where he was voiced by actor Liam Neeson.


  • Detective Comics v1:

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