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The Hero Association is an organization that features in One-Punch Man.



The Hero Association (ヒーロー協会, Hīrō Kyōkai) was an organization founded by a multi-millionaire named Agoni (アゴーニ, Agōni) after his grandson was saved from a monster by a passing superhero. He decided to use his fortune to create a body that gathered all heroes in the world thus forming the Hero Association along with the National Hero Registry.

Through a parasite monster, the Monster Association infiltrated the Hero Association headquarters where an aspect of Gyoro Gyoro made demands to the board of executives. Initially, he claimed that the Monsters had banded together so that they could establish their home in City Z and that they wanted to live in peace with mankind. However, this was a lie and done so as a joke on humans with the monsters having no intention of living in peace. Instead, they made an ultimatum where they revealed where they kept their hostage and told the Association to send their heroes to save him. This was part of a plot to ambush them and decimate the ranks of the heroes thus allowing the Monster Association to hunt down the remaining survivors.


An aspect within the Association was the National Hero Registry that was a database that catalogued every officially registered hero. Anyone not registered was not considered a hero with them instead looked as being individuals with delusions of grandeur.

Heroes were classified under different levels that were based on their strengths and abilities:

  • S-Class : (S級 S-kyū) the highest class in the Hero Association that was given to those with a perfect score on the entrance exam or was capable of entry for the top candidate from A-Class who were eligible to enter this class.

This ranking system had the effect of breeding a competitive culture among the heroes within the Association resulting in factions being formed.

Funding was achieved through donations from people across the country who provided money in gratitude for being saved by monsters and other threats. In addition, the Association received private funding from various billionaires and business organisations in an effort to generate good reputation and positive public relations. This was deemed as the primary source of income for the organisation who valued the protection of its sponsors.


  • Blast :
  • Tornado :
  • Bang :
  • Atomic Samurai :
  • Child Emperor :
  • Metal Knight :
  • King :
  • Zombieman :
  • Drive Knight :
  • Pig God :
  • Superalloy Blackluster :
  • Watchdog Man :
  • Flashy Flash :
  • Tank-Top Master :
  • Metal Bat :
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner :
  • Genos :
  • Saitama :


  • The Hero Association was created by Yusuke Murata where they featured in the setting of One-Punch Man.


  • One-Punch Man:

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