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Hethrir is a male character who features in Star Wars.



Hethrir (b. ? - 14 ABY) was a male Firrerreo who became the Emperor's Procurator of Justice, charged with overseeing the execution of all sentences passed by the Empire, up to and including the execution of entire worlds; he was, in essence, the Imperial State's chief executioner, and as such he wielded enormous power. He was at one time, along with his lover, Rillao, an apprentice of Darth Vader. His powers in the dark side of the Force would become a threat to not only his son, Tigris, but also the children of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. During the two Firrerreos' training, Hethrir distinguished himself in his ability with the dark side. Rillao, whose specialty was in healing, did not. Hethrir was awarded the title of Procurator of Justice, but had to prove to Vader his loyalty. His chosen method was genocide; he filled vast freighters with his own accused people then released an incurable strain of Hive Virus upon Firrere, rendering the planet uninhabitable. It is still unsafe to land on the planet. When Hethrir and Rillao (during their apprenticeship) conceived a child, Darth Vader had high hopes for turning it to the dark side. Rillao, however, was appalled by what had been done to her homeworld, and spirited herself and Tigris (who was not Force-sensitive) away. Hethrir eventually caught up with them and imprisoned Rillao in a torture device on one of the slave freighter, keeping his son Tigris as his personal servant. Later, when the Galactic Empire had fallen at Endor, Hethrir fled to his Worldcraft, and with his followers, voyaged to the Outer Rim. Hethrir sought to become the new Emperor in his Empire Reborn movement, financed by the selling of various political prisoners stored in Imperial Dungeon Ships who were under Hethrir's purview as Procurator of Justice.

Hethrir also instigated the events of Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast; it was Lord Hethrir who, when his subordinate Imperial Admiral Galak Fyyar discovered Desann, a Dark Jedi who had left Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy after murdering another student, put Desann in charge of training Hethrir's Empire Youth (which ran counter to the xenophobic characteristic of the Galactic Empire and the Remnant; Hethrir justified this by the example set by the Emperor when he appointed Grand Admiral Thrawn to Grand Admiral), placing Desann at his right hand. The Empire Youth were essential to Hethrir's plans, as they were chosen to be Force-sensitive and dedicated to Hethrir's cause. Their beliefs were reinforced by special training aboard Hethrir's Worldcraft, and a select few underwent further training: they were taken to Waru aboard Crseih Research Station. Waru was apparently a gelatinous being literally pulled from another dimension or even universe by a freak combination of the Force being warped by an entire star crystallizing, experiments into the Force being conducted by scientists in the employ of Hethrir, and Hethrir's method of torture of his political prisoners. It had the bizarre ability to enhance a person's connection to the Force, and to heal using the Force. But as Waru came from a place where there was no Force per se, but rather an "anti-Force" of some sort, it could not accomplish these feats for free; instead, it drew upon the life energy of sacrificed victims. Its ultimate goal was to accumulate enough Force that it could react with its own anti-Force, generating sufficient energy to return Waru to its home. Waru made a pact with Hethrir, as he was growing impatient; he would empower Empire Youths, and in return, Hethrir would provide victims strong in the Force, accelerating Waru's return.

Several of Hethrir's Empire Youths, Force-sensitive individuals who had shown devotion to the Empire Reborn and had been "purified" by Waru, were entrusted to Desann by the Firrerreo. In addition to training those with talent, Desann experimented with imbuing human Empire Youths without much Force talent (chosen by Hethrir for reasons of racial dogma rather than pragmatism) with dark side powers, using atrusian crystals and ancient alchemical secrets of Sith origin. Hethrir also sought the Valley of the Jedi, whose existence had been revealed to him by his ally, High Inquisitor Tremayne. He tasked Desann with locating it. Desann eventually did so by tricking the Jedi Kyle Katarn into revealingits location. Desann led his students to the psychic bloodstain remaining at the site, quadrupling their innate powers with the leftover energy from the freed Jedi sprits that were once trapped there. These empowered Empire Youths came to be called the Reborn. Eventually, however, Katarn and Skywalker dealt with Desann and the Reborn, striking a blow at the Empire Reborn movement. Hethrir later was able to capture the trio of Solo children for Waru, so that he could use them to make a connection to the Force and create the portal back to Waru's dimension. However, Leia Organa Solo had freed Rillao, and she and Tigris helped the Solo children escape from Waru's grasp, just as the system's crystal star began crashing into the black hole. Giving up all hope of ever creating the portal and cheated of Skywalker, his sister, and her children, Waru sucked Hethrir back into his energy field, to unknown effect.


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  • Hethrir was created by Vonda McIntyre and featured in the Star Wars Legends continuity.


  • The Crystal Star:

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